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Remembrance Ceremonies

From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta

Demonstrate the Principle

  • 1 Any color Ribbons
  • 1 Any Rose of Ra Bulb
  • 1 Luminous Essence
  • 1 Male Rabbits
  • 1 Female Rabbits
  • 1 Hens
  • 1 Roosters
  • 1 Striped, Calico, Reticulated Moss
  • 1 Hairy, Striped, Phosphorescent Moss
  • 1 Seven Vintage Old Wine
  • 1 Sorrel Herb Seeds
  • 1 Any kind of Resin

Demonstrated by Moses in Stillwater on Dec 5th, 2009.


Forming a Group

When you sign up for the test, you will be given a list of the first four disciplines you must complete.

  1. Find a monument to the first discipline on your list and go there with 6 other people who require the same discipline.
  2. Once there, the first person clicks on the monument and navigates the menu: Tests >> Remembrance Ceremonies >> Form a new Group.
  3. The other six then click the monument and select to join the group.

Note: The group must be completed (all seven members join) within five minutes.

Completing a Ceremony

Once a group is formed, a new chat tab opens for the group. Each person should check the requirements: Self >> Tests >> Remembrance Ceremonies >> Status. The popup will tell you what the requirements are for you personally and as a group.

Note: If you have rabbits or resin and perhaps some other items in your inventory, the Remembrance tab will show actions you CAN do with them. YOUR actual required action needs to be read from the status menu.

Each person will be given an action to do and a state that must be present when the action is done, such as "Release a live rabbit whilst the air is fragrant with incense of Vengeful Pine."

  • Sacrifices can be done at any time; the group members do not need to sacrifice together.
  • Dissolving and reforming the group will reset all sacrifices.

Once all seven group members have successfully completed their action/state, the ceremony is complete. Each member can then move on to the next discipline on their list.


You must complete 7 ceremonies to pass the test.

Observed Actions (Individuals)

Action Variable Types Observed How to do it
Pour wine into dirt Wine flavor Banana
Strawberry Jam
This does not have to litterally be onto 'dirt' floor. Any floor type works as long as it is by the monument
Release live animal Animal type Rabbit
Click self -> Tests -> Remembrance
Burn Sea Petal on bonfire Any Sea Lily works Click a lit bonfire
Anoint monument with resin Resin type Cinnar
Cerulean Blue
Giant Cricklewood
Delta Palm
Pratyeka Tree
Click on the monument
Drop moss onto ground Moss type Click self -> Tests -> Remembrance
Chant incantation In Emote Menu All Click self -> Emote
Herb Seeds Variable Bee Balm
Click self -> Tests -> Remembrance

Observed States (Group)

State Variable Types Observed
Surrounded by luminous essence(1) None
Surrounded by incense Incense type Vengeful Citrus
Wear perfume Perfume type Flat Lemon
Small Grapefruit
Flat Pummelo
Eat fresh herb from ground Herb type Golden Thyme
Orange Niali
Light torch Torch type Topaz
Hold a bouquet of flowers None
Wear silk ribbons Color Light Cyan, Cadet Blue

(1) Luminous Essence = 1 Heaven's Torrent mushroom and 49 mandibular glue in a Kitchen

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