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Test of Pyrotechnics

From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta


  • Learn any Star Recipe from the University of Art & Music
  • Make Gunpowder
  • Grind Aluminum into Powder
  • Learn the Neutralization Tech from a University of Thought
  • Build an Acid Bath
  • Start a batch of Salts
  • Complete 21 Salts
  • Build a Star Rack
  • Make a Batch of Stars
  • Build a Mortar
  • Arm and Test-Fire a Mortar
  • Register as an Exhibitor for a Legitimate Fireworks Show
  • Exhibit your shell at a show

Demonstrate the Principle

To open the Test of Pyrotechnics you require:

Demonstrated by Sigil in Saqqarah on 2009-02-05.


Pyrotechnics Stadiums

T3 Data to be verified
Location Region Notes Verified
678, 7127 Adn North of UBody, very west of chariot
-301, 6552 Cat's Claw Ridge Just east of the chariot yes
4376, -778 Falcon Bay South of SHarm yes
-1618, -307 Khmun About 150 coords east of UHarm and 80 coords north yes
705, -3595 Meroe NW of chariot. go north, take 1st left. yes
-1390, 2620 Nomad's Paradise South of the CS yes
4435, 7515 Pyramid Lake southeast from the cs yes
573, -5917 Queen's Retreat Just east of SArt
1455, -630 Saqqarah NW of SLead yes
1026, 1923 Shabbat Ab Just northwest of UWorship Yes
3097, 4575 Sinai East of UArch
1542, 3767 Stillwater West of SHarm Yes

Pyrotechic Shows

NOTE: Don't go into a show expecting to be able to get a level off a shell that spurts out a single Squat Canary star, you may be voted as a fraud. On the other side of the contest, judges should rate shells that show no effort as frauds.

  • To start a contest, visit a School or University of Art and sign up as an exhibitor. Select all shows that you would possibly be able to attend. If enough people sign up for the same date and time, then a Show will be announced in the Calendar. Once a show is announced, any new folks to sign up can do so right before the show begins, by clicking on the stadium. Open enrollment usually starts right at the original scheduled time to start.
  • Contestants must be at the stadium on time! You only have 5 minutes to click on the stadium and enter the contest before it starts. Even if you have not previously requested to be in a contest at the School or University, you can sign up at this time as a Walk On.
  • The system will call all judges that have signed up at this stadium, and are online at the time of the show. If you haven’t previously signed up at this stadium to be a judge, you may do so by clicking on the stadium and click on Judge, prior to the show starting.
  • All judges will be given a temporary waypoint directly to the stadium, so you don't have to try to run there. Call for judges is on a 10 minute timer. If these judges don't arrive in time, the contest will start without them.
  • The competition itself will typically last 20 to 60 minutes, depending mostly on the number of participants.
  • Once the contest has started, the first exhibitor to ARM their mortar will be given the chance to fire it. The message will show up in your Main chat tab to ARM. If you aren't the first to ARM your mortar, you can click ARM again at the next opportunity (you do not need to disarm your mortar).
  • When you do manage to arm your mortar when requested, you will get a popup in main clearing you for launch. Fire your mortar (which will require that you type in the word 'LAUNCH'). Judges get 20 seconds of time to get into a proper camera view and then the shell is fired. After it is complete, the judges can judge it (within a time limit). Directly after judging, the score for that particular mortar is shown. Please note that the name of the exhibitor who launched the mortar is anonymous and the judges will only know the name of your mortar. (Unless of course you use your own name in the name of your mortar)
  • There is 90 seconds given for someone to ARM their mortar. If no one ARMs their mortar within this time, then the contest ends.
  • After all the contestants have fired their mortars all scores are shown in order from the highest to the lowest along with their rating. There are 3 possible ratings: 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2. You will earn the highest rating you are eligible for that you haven't already been awarded. For example, if you have already earned the top 1/4 rating and place in the top 1/4 a second time, you'll earn the top 1/3 rating instead. You need to earn all three ratings to pass the test.

~ by Korrin


Region Stars Formula Materials
Common Flying Frog 15 Cactus sap
5 Sulfur
10 CC
6 salts of Zinc
Common Squat Canary 13 Cactus sap
3 Sulfur
15 CC
9 salts of Aluminum
Meroe Purple Stardut 7 Tar
22 Sulfur
30 CC
71 salts of Silver
30 Aluminum powder
Queen's Retreat CU-ler than others 13 Cactus sap
7 Sulfur
26 CC
12 salts of Copper
Queen's Retreat Trail of Love 19 Beeswax
21 Sulfur
16 CC
24 salts of Iron
Saqqarah Borealis 19 Beeswax
3 Sulfur
59 CC
9 salts of Platinum
13 salts of zinc
Saqqarah Real Teal Deal 13 Cactus sap
7 Sulfur
11 CC
16 salts of Titanium
Saqqarah Sunrise Shimmer 11 Tar
19 sulfur
72 CC
17 salts of Aluminum
72 Aluminum powder
Saqqarah Chelsis Violets 19 Beeswax
5 Sulfur
39 Charcoal
75 salt of Gold
Sinan Red Pulsar 12 Cactus sap
5 Sulfur
39 CC
12 salts of Copper
Pyramid Lake white popper 15 Clay
15 Sulfur
80 CC
15 salts of Magnesium
Aluminum powder
Adn Blue Steamer 6 Beeswax
3 Sulfur
99 CC
48 salts of Silver
Adn Sun rising 9 Beeswax
22 Sulfur
21 CC
25 salts of Aluminum
Adn Tail meanie 20 Beeswax
13 Sulfur
48 CC
46 salts of Titanium
Adn White light 6 Cactus sap
4 Sulfur
24 CC
11 salts of Titanium
Heavens Gate Akakios 8 Cacuts Sap
1 Sulfur
19 CC
17 salts of Gold
Shabbat Ab Silver Trail 14 Cactus sap
4 sulfur
48 CC
29 salts of silver
Shabbat Ab The Tickler 5 Beeswax
1 sulfur
35 CC
6 salts of Tungste
Shabbat Ab Yellow Streaker 6 Beeswax
21 Sulfur
70 CC
100 salts of Aluminum
Stillwater Blue Wonder 16 Cactus sap
7 Sulfur
35 CC
91 salts of Tungsten
Stillwater Long Blue Tail 11 Cactus sap
3 Sulfur
42 CC
24 salts of Tungsten
Cat's Claw Ridge None
Falcon Bay None
Khumn None
Nomad's Paradise None

GUIDES and Player pages

Korrin's Fireworks Design Guide - Mainly from Helpmaboab's Tale 2 and Tale 3 guides. This is a beginners guide to designing a shell.