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Test of Mentorship

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of Mentorship
  • Build a Mentor's Sacelum
  • Visit Welcoming Island
  • Enhance your Sacelum with 3 Decrees of Mentorship
Demonstrated by Asnath in Shabbat Ab on 2009-01-24by fulfilling the requested requirements.


Build a Mentor's Sacelum and enhance it with Decrees of Mentorship, provided by those that reached Egypt via the Welcoming Islands. Each new arrival can earn up to 7 Decrees by completing Citizenship (1) and advancing their Level (6). Complete the Test of Mentorship by enhancing your Sacelum with 49 Decrees.

When a new account passes through the island and continues in Egypt, they earn 1 Decree of Mentorship for each of the first four levels they gain: 1 for achieving citizenship, and 1 for the first 3 initiations and/or principles they complete. Decrees may be picked up at any School of Leadership. These citizens may give these Decrees to people that they feel have helped them gain a footing in the game; a mentor can receive multiple decrees from a single mentee, but mentors may not apply their own to passing the test or initiation. These Decrees are then added to the mentor's Sacelum, which will grow more and more elaborate as more Decrees are added.

Only paid accounts may receive Decrees.

To pass the test, a mentor must collect 49 Decrees and add them to their Sacelum. To pass the principles, only 3 need be added.

Level required: 8


  • Build a Mentor's Sacelum
  • Visit Welcoming Island
  • Enhance your Sacelum with 3 Decrees of Mentorship

Demonstrate the Principle

  • Decree of Mentorship

Demonstrated by Asnath in Shabbat Ab on 2009-01-24.


Mentor's Sacelum

Build in a Small Construction Site.

Welcome Banner

Built Outside.

NOTE: You do NOT need to build your own banner for principle or test pass.

Banners may be labeled; this copy will be shown in the Starting Places list for new Citizens.

Welcome Island

  • Click on a Welcome Banner to be transported to a Welcome Island (currently only 1 open).
  • Click on the Welcome Banner at the top of the island to return to your starting place.
  • Your inventory will be 'stored' while you are on the island, and returned when you return to Egypt. You may not take items from the island.

Travel Options

Once on the island, mentors have some extra commands to make it easier to travel to mentees.

  • Self > Navigation > Mentor Hop. You can teleport freely to players on the island, and place up to 4 free waypoints.
  • /hop to <playername> to teleport to a player
  • /hop set <name> to place a waypoint
  • /hop <name> to travel to a waypoint you placed


The following options are available at the School of Leadership once you have started the test.

Mentorship Bonuses

As in the last telling, there will be rewards given depending on Decrees collected.

Mentor Shrine Bonuses

  • Ancient Map (49 points)
    • You will be given 3 map fragments from an ancient tome on ores and minerals.
    • 600 foot radius mineral map, any locations.
  • Back Roads (7 points)
    • Learn of back roads and seldom used paths that will speed your journeys.
    • 24 hours offline travel time.
  • Bringer of Knowledge (98 points)
    • You will have the chance to work side by side with researchers at a University.
    • A single contribution to University research is doubled.
  • Dinner with Sami (147 points)
    • An elegant meal of the finest meats and rarest vegetables, seasoned with the most exotic spices in Egypt.
    • +7 Perception for 24 hours, Special surprise, unique per dinner.
  • Eye of God (49 points)
    • The gods watch over and protect you.
    • A free month of ATITD.
  • Fountain of Knowledge (7 points)
    • A quick tutorial in effective methods of instruction.
    • Teach one skill or level, instantly.)
  • Full Scholarship (49 points)
    • Fellow teachers honor you as a peer.
    • Any skill, free.
  • Headmaster (35 points)
    • Your skill as a teacher becomes legendary.
    • Double speed teaching forever.
  • Homestead (49 points)
    • You will be awarded an additional cornerstone.
  • Homeward Bound (98 points)
    • With careful study of Egypt's geography, you will learn to recognize even obscure landmarks.
    • One additional waypoint.
  • Scholarship (14 points)
    • Fellow teachers will recognize you as one of their own.
    • Next skill is half-price.
  • Tenure (98 points)
    • You are accepted as one of Egypt's finest teachers.
    • Half price skills for life.
  • Thirst for Knowledge (7 points)
    • A method of concentrating intensely on a single subject.
    • Learn one skill from another player, instantly.