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Concrete is made in a Clinker Vat.

  • 250 Gravel
  • 15 Cement
  • 100 Water in Jugs (Jugs are returned)
    • makes 250 Concrete


Produced By

Clinker Vat

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Aqueduct Pump, Aqueduct Tower, Automatic Loom, Blast Furnace, Brick Machine, Crematory, Cut Stone Obelisk, Detonation Box, Fall of Balance, Flax Gin, Funerary Temple, Guilds/Water in DeNile, Gyration Cell, Large Distaff, Mechanics, Medium House, Mentor's Sacelum, Modern Sheep Farm, Raeli Gliderport, Reactory, Serpentarium, Small House, Small Warehouse, Test of Dancing Waters, Test of Flight, Test of Flight/Bastet, Test of Khefre's Children, Test of Khefre's Children/Bastet, Test of the Funerary Temple/Bastet