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Flax Gin

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Size 11x13
Where Compound

Base description

The flax gin is an automated machine which turns rotten flax into straw, tow, and lint. In that respect, it processes flax in the same way as you would do on a Flax Comb or a Hackling Rake, but automatically.

  • The device has a 200 rotten flax capacity without the base & hopper upgrade, and 600 with the upgrade.
  • The processing takes place at a speed of about 1 rotten flax per 2 minutes. In other words: 30 rotten flax per (teppy) hour.

Use of the Flax Gin

It requires 2 people to start the machine. First one person starts the machine, then another person has to stabilize the mechanism. This action must be done within a certain amount of time, and the one starting it need Flax Automation skill. The second one need only to be level 10 for stabilize. Once this is done, the flax machine operates fully automatic.

  • It appears that the time frame for the second person to stabilize it is long enough for 1 person to switch to spouse login, and do the stabilizing.
  • If for some reason the stabilizing isn't done in time, no resources are lost. Just take out the flax, reset the machine (separate option) and start over.


This building becomes available once you've learned the Flax Automation skill.


Initial build

Upgrade base and hopper