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Gear Oil

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Gear Oil is used to make tunable objects work faster. Currently this includes Flax Gin, Brick Machine, Automatic Loom, and Auto Mines.

Made in a Chemistry Laboratory that has glassware installed. It is required that you have learned Chemistry Recipe - Gear Oil for the option to manufacture to appear. There are 3 different strengths, depending on the extract used to create it and each acts as a temporary boost to the tuning level. 6 drops of Gear Oil are returned per batch.

To use gear oil, choose "apply xxxx oil to increase mechanical speed" from the building menu. This uses 1 db of oil per application. When oil has been applied, the message "xxxx oil has been applied to this device", where xxxx is the type of oil. Attempting to apply more oil on an already oiled machine will result in "Gear oil is already flowing through the gears. Wait until it wears off before applying more." Gear oil seems to wear off after 3 teppy days.