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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta


For a microphone dedicated to trade type /join bazaar

Sometimes trades get listed on E! and on P! as well.

Trading Guilds

The Goods - A non-profit trading organization to facilitate the exchange of all commodity resources.

Users' Trade Pages

Maxmansungs Glass Trading Glass for flax, wood, pappy and silk cloths

Skalops Brewery Selling beer, several flavors available.

Glass trading, all kinds of glass made on the glaziers bench, thermometers and 7,5k distillation coils.

MidnightBlue's alloys of all types.

User:Twoshadows - glass items from both benches and glory holes. Khefre's essence also available.(quit)

selling glass - trading spirits, essences, and Essential Compound Extract.also trading glass items from the bench(expired)

Nchanter's and Eldrad's trading Selling Silk, Sheetglass (New!), Papy, Huge Quartz, Calibrated Chem sets, Distilation Coils and Raeli Tiles. Mostly buying mushrooms for mutagenics research.

Ariella and Pascalito Selling marble and hybrid flowers (chat us for flower requests).

Hilly Trade for Marble/granite and mirrors, we can even talk gems and silk, Alloys, Treated Boards/Metal, and many other items, and make thistle recipes (quit)

ShuoftheFieryHeat Trade Items Currently selling thistles, citrus and aromatic honey

User:Jimbly/Trades Jimbly's Trading - Selling silk, airships, some marbles.

Raeli Tile Traders

Faith's Reali Tiles Over 100 different colored tiles traded either 1:1 for colors we don't make or for other resources.

Shabbaticals Raeli Tiles Trading tiles for herbs and basic resources.

Guilds/Alpha/ALPHA TRADES Trading tiles for basic resources

Ryyssa's Raeli Tiles

Nchanter's Raeli Tiles

Ariella and Pascalito

Tunnen and Sharae

TamBlack's Raeli Tiles Selling tiles for other resources