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I will make beer at cost if provided with the materials.
If I provide the wood, I ask for 60 wood in return. I'm willing to accept Malt, Wheat or Honey in place of wood at 1:1.
If I provide the barrel, I ask for 10 Copper per barrel.
If I provide Malt, Wheat and/or Honey, I ask for the amount used in return. I'm willing to trade Barley (raw),Honey, Wheat or Malt at 1:1, though I prefer Malt if you have it. If you have none of these, I will work with you on an equitable trade.
If you just want a recipe I'm happy to help you there too.
If you pick the beer up either at my compound in Stillwater or at the Stillwater Chariot Stop, I'd appreciate it, otherwise I'd appreciate a tip for my travelling.

Most beers can be made to include

Color: Brown or Black (or n/a)
Sugar: Sweet or Dry (or n/a)
Special: Fruity (or n/a)
Honey: up to Bold (or n/a)

Barley flavors I can make

Barley: up to Very Potent, up to Bold
Orange: Not-potent, up to Noticable
Banana: up to Potent, Hints
Cherry: up to Very Potent, up to Noticable
Date: up to Potent, up to Bold
Nutmeg: Not-Potent, up to Bold, Spicy
Cinnamon: up to Very Potent, up to Noticable

Wheat flavors I can make

Bread: up to Very Potent, up to Bold
Grapefruit: No
Pear: up to Very Potent, up to Bold
Blackberry: up to Potent, Hints
Prune: up to Very Potent, Hints
Jasmine: No
Clove: up to Potent, Hints
Vanilla: No