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  • Chat Eldrad or Nchanter to run a trade.
  • You are responsible for the delivery/pick up of a trade to the large grassy area next to the UArch in Saqqarah (2055, -815).
  • We will not carry more than 20,000 tiles of a color we cannot produce at any time.
  • We can do warehouse trades for most items but prefer to trade "in person" for Calibrated Glass sets.
  • All trades must be for a total of 800 or more Anubians


All prices are listed in "Anubians". Check the tile inventory to see what we have in stock.

Price Items
10 50 Normal Priced Tiles
40 50 Navy, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Slate Blue, or Medium Blue Tiles
10,000 Level 3 Calibrated Chemistry Glassware set
2,000 7.5k+ Quality Distillation Coil
2 1 Papy
80 1 Sheetglass
800 1 Huge Quartz
600 1 Silk Cloth
12 1 Raw Silk


All prices are listed in "Anubians".


Price Mushroom
200 1 Golden Sun
50 1 Heaven's Torrent, Heart of Ash, Spiderling, or Sun Star
40 1 Beehive Mushrooms, Brain, Cat Nip, Peasant's Foot, or Salt Water Fungus
20 1 Dung Rot, Ra's Awakening, Razor's Edge, or Slave's Bread
10 1 Colt Foot, Dueling Serpent, Earth Light, Falcon's Bait, Hairy Tooth, Pool of Tranquility, Sand Spore, or Scorpion's Brood
5 1 Bleeding Hand, Fish Hook, Nature's Jug, or Neferteri's Crown
2 1 Eye of Osiris, or Toad Skin

No longer accepting Acorn's Cap, Camel's Mane, Carrion, Cobra Hood, Dead Tongue, Iron Knott or Nile Fire for payment

Other Items

Price Item
1,600 21 of any of the mutagen mosses currently being researched, listed on the first table found here
10 50 Tiles we can't burn (only for other tiles)

Special Exchange

This is a special offer which does not use anubians. We only accept exactly what is specified or multiples of it.

You Get You Give
189 ash 360 leeks, 360 dried flax, 360 dried papy and 1800 wood
175 ash and 180 lime 360 leeks, 360 dried flax, 360 dried papy and 1800 wood


Nchanter lives in Saqqarah near the University of Architecture with Followers of Anubis for T4

Research Proposal


Our grandparents pass down stories from their grandparents, and so on down the generations of a promised technology from one of the first Pharaohs that would have allowed the growth of papyrus away from the Nile. That promise was never fulfilled. We hope that our modern scientists will be able to, at long last, fulfill this promise. By researching Aquaculture the citizen of Egypt would be able to plant papyrus in buildings at home, either in tubs upgradeable through addition of materials and substances once a citizen has learned the technology from a university, or via a new building made available upon the research of Aquaculture. In exchange for not having to trek to the Nile to plant and gather papyrus, the folk of Egypt acknowledge that they may have to accept a smaller yield of papyrus from each handful of seeds.

Herb Growth Research

With the test of life and the building of Aqueducts, and the advent of Herbiculture, it becomes possible for Egyptians to grow herbs of various types from herb seeds planted at the base of aqueduct towers. However, given current technology, there is no way for us to know where to build aqueducts so that we may take advantage of this fortuitous situation. Therefore, the citizens of Egypt direct the scientists at our great universities to research a portable structure that would allow us to test locations in Egypt to see if those locations would grow herbs before we invest in the materials needed to bring an aqueduct to that location. This portable object would allow us to plant herb seeds next to it as if it were an aqueduct tower, and then indicate whether or not that type of herb would successfully grow there, if there were an aqueduct tower on that spot. We recognize that in the name of research no herbs could be harvested from such a test planting, just information to direct the paths of our aqueduct construction.

Advanced Dowsing

Advanced Dowsing would become researchable once dowsing is unlocked in a region. Once researched, someone who learns advanced dowsing would be able to assemble an advanced dowsing rod by combining a dowsing rod with dirt, iron ore, and a single deben of common basil. The costs of researching advanced dowsing would include dowsing rods, iron ore, copper ore, dirt, and small amount of common basil. Using an advanced dowsing rod to dowse will reduce the time between dowses to a 2 second timer, and double the area dowsed with a normal dowsing rod.


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