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My fireworks


My essence tests

Y24 Tests

Mutagens and Mosses

Glass Trading

I sell glass made on the glaziers bench, thermos and 7,5k distillation coils.

General Info

The value of the items will change, depending on what I need atm.
Alternative payment is not possible atm.
Please be aware of the limits at the bottom.
Please notice that all orders will be filled at my leisure, I am not accepting rush orders.
All trades will take place close to 1590, 2030 SA, no exceptions.


Item value
1 Empty bottle 15
1 Glass rod 150
1 Glass pipe 180
1 Glass jar 180
1 Fine glass rod 190
1 Fine glass pipe 190
1 Sheet Glass 210
1 Glass blade 210
1 Glass torch 700
1 Thermometer 350

I'm also selling 7,5k distillation coils. Price is 5 glass pibes or 900 value, each.


Item value
1 Soda 30
1 Ash 30
1 Potash 35
1 Lime 40
1 Leeks 1,5
1 Dried Flax 4
1 Papyrus 8


No more than 1000 flax, 1000 leeks and 1000 limestone accepted pr. trade.

Currently not accepting

Item Value
1 Limestone 6

Odds and ends

Gem display error.png
An example of the game displaying the same flaw, in two different ways.