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Glass trade

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I have now found that I've gotten into glass making a lot. I can now make a lot of glass products on mass and can also produce thermometers.

I will happily trade anything up to 100 of each product in one go. Anything over that will take a few days. I will trade anything made in the glaziers bench for only:

Note: Glass Tourches will count as 5 glass items each because of the increace in glass debens required

Here is an easy to use price chart:


Item Time Charcoal per Item Flax per Item Pappy per Item Silk Cloth per Item Cuttable Gems per Item (any type)
Fine Glass Rod 90 90 135 25 0.0666 0.1333
Fine Glass Pipe 90 180 135 25 0.0666 0.1333
Glass Pipe 90 90 135 25 0.0666 0.1333
Glass Rod 60 60 90 25 0.0666 0.1333
Glass Blade 120 120 180 25 0.0666 0.1333
Glass Jar 90 90 135 25 0.0666 0.1333
Empty Wine Bottles x12 90 190 135 25 0.0666 0.1333
Sheet Glass 120 120 180 25 0.0666 0.1333
Glass Torch 180 450 1350 125 0.333 0.666


Any thermometers I can make for free if supplied the glass tubes and quicksilver. Otherwise it will cost wood/ flax or pappy depending on what you have. Price negotiable

Any beakers or other Lab items I can make up to 7k at the moment, price is negotiable

Just message me and feel free to use my mailbox