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Papyrus (often called 'papy' for short) is a plant that is grown along the shores of the Nile. It can be run through a Paper Press to make Papyrus Paper. It can also be dried in a Drying Rack or Flax Hammock in order to produce Dried Papyrus (which has its own uses) and seeds.

Tip: You can right or left click to pick papyrus. However, I find it better to right click to pick them (No menu appear if you right click). The area to click the papy is so small that occassionally left clicking will make you run (if you miss the flower). If you see multiple papyrus close together than it gets annoying when you start running pass the flower (by a miss left click).

Taking papy that you didn't seed yourself is criminal or at least rude. Keep that in mind please !


Papyrus is grown by throwing seeds into the Nile, then waiting for them to float downstream (i.e. northward), where they wash up on the riverbank and grow into papyrus plants.

Plant seeds on a muddy bank, then look for plants about 10 minutes later about 100-150 coordinates NORTH and on both banks from where you planted it. (This means you should usually plant within 100 coordinates of a bridge.) Both the West Nile and East Nile are valid planting areas.

Wild papyrus plants were around at the start of the telling, but at this point, any papyrus you come across will have been cultivated by somebody. Please be careful not to steal another player's harvest!

Max yields are during early morning teppytime hours - 2am through 8am. (unverified)

  • I've found that around 4 - 6 am teppytime, my yeilds were absolute crap. My max yields tend to be between 10pm and 1 am teppy time Possibly the yields differ with region? - Tanafri
  • Make sure you are planting 1 seed at least 5 - 10 steps apart.
  • Pinning your Plant menu makes it easy to click in the far distance and plant as your avatar runs.

Making Seeds

Papyrus Seeds (hf) are produced by drying papyrus at a high altitude. The higher the altitude at which the papyrus is dried, the more seeds are produced. At sea level, dried papyrus will usually produce no seeds; on the peaks of very tall mountains, an average of 40+ seeds per bundle of 20 papyrus is normal, but the per bundle yield ranges from 0 to 80 seeds. If you're concerned with getting lots of seeds, dry full bundles so rounding doesn't cost you so many fractions. Note: Even on the peak of a mountain, next to a rack that yielded 48 seeds, another rack produced no seeds.



Required By

Cut Stone Obelisk, Dried Papyrus, Essence of Harmony