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I live in stillwater in the SoH guild Camp

Tests summary
Initiate Student Prentice Journeyman Scribe Master Sage Oracle
Architecture X Obelisk
Art X
Body X
Harmony X
Leadership X
Thought X Bijou
Worship X Pilgrimage Remembrance

Currently Looking to do a Vigil in the Sacred Firewater Guild

I trade wood or Flax for any glass products. Check my page for more details: Here


Festival of Isis: Wear tangy orange perfume, suround and alter with 7 ruby glass torches, sacrifice corian-mandarin ambrosia, honey and oil

Festival of Thoth: Ink and Raspberry wine, 2 vintages old 12% alch


My Home is at 1510 3917 in Stillwater. Just south of UArt, West of UBody

My Bijou is in Stillwater in the art building by Lvl 1 Beetle Garden