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Guilds/Faith/Raeli Tiles Trades

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Trades will be processed as much as possible on a first come first serve basis and mostly via warehouse transfers. Contact Endie or Luckylisa. Pick up is near Pryamid Lakes chariot for orders under 500 tiles. Orders over 500 tiles maybe be delivered to a chariot closer to you, if you have warehouse(s) available there to conduct the trade.

Pricing structure

The colors have been placed on 4 tiers. Partly based on rarity, partly the number of ovens we have that produce the color and what demand we have for other colors in that oven.

We ARE open to trades for materials other than these.

Please see our Stock Page for whats available right now.

Tier Colors
Tier 1 Black, Dark Olive Green, Dark Slate Blue, Dark Slate Gray, Dim Gray, Gainsboro, Ghost White, Gray, Honey Dew, Indian Red, Lavender, Lavender Blush, Light Grey, Light Sea Green, Linen, Medium Orchid, Mint Cream, Misty Rose, Olive Drab, Orchid, Plum, Rosy Brown, Silver, Snow, Thistle, White, White Smoke
Tier 2 Alice Blue, Antique White, Azure, Beige, Dark Cyan, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Dark Magenta, Dark Turquoise, Indigo, Light Blue, Light Cyan, Light Green, Light Sky Blue, Medium Turquoise, Midnight Blue, Pale Green, Pale Turquoise, Peru, Powder Blue, Purple, Royal Blue, Sienna, Sky Blue, Teal, Turquoise
Tier 3 Aquamarine, Blanched Almond, Bisque, Blue Violet, Burly wood, Brown, Coral, Carrot, Cornflower Blue, Crimson, Dark Khaki, Dark Orchid, Dark Red, Dark Sea Green, Dark Violet, Feldspar, Firebrick, Floral White, Forest Green, Green Yellow, Hot Pink, Light Golden Rod Yellow, Light Pink, Light Slate Blue, Light Steel Blue, Lime Green, Maroon, Medium Aqua Marine, Medium Purple, Medium Sea Green, Medium Slate Blue, Medium Violet Red, Old Lace, Pale Golden Rod, Pale Violet Red, Peach Puff, Pink, Saddle Brown, Salmon, Sandy Brown, Sea Green, Sea Shell, Steel Blue, Tan, Tomato, Violet, Violet Red, Wheat, Yellow Green
Tier 4 Aqua, Blue, Chocolate, Dark Blue, Deep Sky Blue, Green Yellow, Medium Blue, Navy

Items we give 75/60/50/40 (T1/T2/T3/T4) tiles

Will also sell a 'principle' package of 7k score for 2x any of these.

  10 ash
 120 cabbage  (we have a 66 cabbage tower near camp)
  70 carrots
   4 eggs
 350 flax
   2 glass rods
 170 leeks    (we have a 66 leek tower near camp) 
   6 lime
  40 papyrus  
   7 potash
 150 charcoal 
   4 silk thread
  40 slate
 350 wood
   2 ScBrood Mushrooms
   2 Peasant's Foot Muchrooms

Items we give 200/150/125/100 tiles for

   1 Marble OSM, NG, MG, YA

Items we give 375/300/250/200 tiles for

   1-2 Certain types of gem cuts (chat kyline for details)
   6 Cuttable gems
   1 Marble (except OSM, NG, MG, YA - chat kyline)

Items we give 750/600/500/400 tiles for

   1 Kheffre's Essence
   1 Silk Cloth

Items we give 1500/1200/1000/800 tiles for

   1 Huge gem (not quartz)