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Special Deals

No special deals at the moment.

Glass Products

I will make glass products for the raw materials needed (plus some profit, of course!). Can trade for non-multiples of 10, just round the prices up. For large orders I may need some Lime or Limestone as well, as I am running low.

Glass Product What I need
10 Glass products 45 Slate
10 Glass products 22 Potash
10 Glass products 30 Ash
10 Glass products 500 Flax (dried, rotten or regular)
10 Glass products 22 Soda
If possible, please also include 11 Lime or 85 Limestone for each 10 glass products,

I'm running low. I may also accept just quantities of Lime for glass as well.

I will also trade glass products for other resources I am in need of (gravel, papyrus), if I have the supplies to make them already. Chat me to negotiate a deal.



Points Worth What I want
20 1 Crystal for Octec's Ghost
10 500 Charcoal (limit 2.5K)
10 1000 Wood (limit 10k)
12 1 Low Explosive
10 30 Potash or 40 Ash
10 30 Soda
10 50 Slate
10 50 Gravel or Concrete
10 10 minutes of manual labor smashing stones into gravel

(I can provide the stones/tools, you just show up)

10 50 Papyrus
20 Your vote in the DP elections whenever I am on the ballot
?? Large and Huge Gems (chat me)
?? Other resources not listed, chat me!


Points Cost What I sell
10 1 Silk Cloth
10 10 Glass Products
900 Airship
1200 Portable Cornerstone
10 20 Rabbits
10 12 Rabbit Pelts
10 500 Carrots
20 Oyster Shell Marble (0)
20 Night Granite (29)
20 White Travertine (22)
40 Mud Granite (7)
40 Canary Granite (2)
40 Rose Alabaster (9)
50 Leopards Paw Marble (4)
50 Serpentine Marble (0)


Note: all prices are negotiable and subject to change. If doing a large trade, please negotiate with me first, as some items I only need a limited quantity of.