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Bulk 1
Weight 1


Wood is gathered from trees. Different trees yield different base amounts, ranging from 1 to 5.

The yield from each tree can be increased by carrying a hatchet. Also, with Perception above 0, there is a chance to get a higher yield.

Required By

Barrel Tap, Basic Sign, Boards, Bonfire, Bottle Stopper, Cistern, Citizenship, Crudely Carved Handle, Ferry Boat, Flint Hammer, Large Crude Handle, Large Distaff, Long-Range Ferry, Personal Chit, Sacrificial Bonfire, Sawdust, Sharpened Stick, Small Barrel, Small Distaff, Test of Towers, Tinder, Wooden Peg, Wooden Pestle

Fuel For

Barrel Vise, Box Kiln, Charcoal Hearth, Charcoal Oven, Firepit, Grain Oven, Kettle, Reinforced Kiln, True Kiln, Vault Kiln