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A tool is a resource that allows you to perform certain actions (via Action Icons or your Skills menu) that you could not do, if you did not have it in your possession.

A tool is generally not used up in the process, though many can break.

Blacksmithing Tools

Allows the working of metals on an Anvil.

Dowsing Rod

Allows you to prospect for ore.

Fishing Poles

Allows you to fish when you are near water.


Allows you to gather extra wood when you harvest wood from a tree. Hatchet needs to be 3k quality or higher to get the bonus of getting extra wood. Anything lower than 3k quality doesn't do anything.

Incense Prong

Used to add Herbs, Resin and Rose Petals to Incense in a Scent Lab.


A variety of knives, along with the Carving skill, allow you to create a number of objects from wood.

Limestone Tools

To harvest Limestone, you must have both a hammer and a chisel. Mixing types (i.e. flint with lead) will increase the likelihood that the flint item will break.

Resin Wedges

Allows you to nick trees to generate resin.

See Resin Wedge Quality Rates of Return

Scythe & Basket

A scythe and a papyrus Basket, when used with the Rhythmic Strength skill, allow you to pick grass faster.


Allows you to dig up dirt, as well as dig for cuttable stones and medium stones.