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Size 7x3
Where Compound


Used for creating various hammered metal products.


This building becomes available to be built after the Advanced Blacksmithing technology is learned at a University of Art & Music. (But an anvil can be operated with only the Blacksmithing tech).


Built in a Compound. Uses 7x13 cells.


An anvil is used to create various metal tools by shaping a block of metal into a specific pattern. Using an anvil requires the Blacksmithing tech.

This uses various smithing tools, each with a different pattern in pushing metal:

The finished products are assigned a quality based on how close they are to the goal. The higher the quality, the more effective the tool, with 9999 being perfect. An anvil can produce the following:

from any of the following metals, with stronger metals allowing more hits before the piece becomes too fragile to work.

For details on technique, please check out the Blacksmithing Guide.