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Size Varies
Where Outside

A compound (CP) is a customizable building inside which other buildings can be constructed. In effect, it is a structure used to hold other structures. Many buildings can only be built inside a compound.

Compounds gradually decay over time unless a cornerstone has been installed. Note that when your compund has been used a while (?) tearing it down won't give you materials back.

To expand your CP click on the outer border and then choose Blueprints -> Edit blueprints -> Building shape -> Add a sector and finally click on the outer wall. Note that after these steps you must load materials for actual expanding your CP and in the mean time you are not able to maintain or create new buildings in your CP.


Requires Compound Construction



All indoor buildings need to be placed in a compound.


Principles of Architecture requires a compound to be built and expanded to 16 sectors to pass. A sector is 16 by 16 cells.


It is expected that multiple compounds will be unlocked over time. There are now 2 different compounds available.

Town House

  • 50 Maximum Cells


  • 84 Maximum Cells


You may not change the facade type on the corners of your compound.

Required By

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