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Cactus Sap

From A Tale in the Desert
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Bulk 1
Weight 1


  • Collected from injured Royal Cactus plants.
  • If the cactus was previously left injured, up to 3 sap drops will have collected, at a rate of 1 drop per minute. If the cactus was not left injured, you will have to injure it then wait for sap to collect.
  • If a cactus is re-injured when some sap is already collected, the collected sap will remain available and up to 3 more sap drops will collect additionally. This may be repeated indefinately.
    • I've found previously injured catus plants with up to 195 sap on them -- Rafi
  • You must click repeatedly to collect all the sap. Each time only 1 of the sap drops will be collected.
  • When all sap has been gathered, only the Injure button will remain.

Research and Tuition



  • It is considered good manners to click the Injure button before leaving so the next player will be able to collect Sap immediately.

Required By

Dowsing Rod, Nut's Essence

Produced By

Royal Cactus