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Any resin producing tree that is "Nicked" with a Resin Wedge will over a period of time produce Resin that can be collected from the tree at a later time. If the player has a wedge in their inventory the option will become available to "Nick this Tree". The amount of time needed for the resin to collect is variable, depending on the quality of the Resin Wedge used to nick the tree. Any person that clicks on the tree may take any Resin that has collected. A resin wedge is not needed to collect the resin from the tree.

Some of the "Trees" that have resins look more like thorn bushes than trees.


Tree resins of all the various types are used in aromatics (Incense) and certain types of resins are used in a Reactory in the creation of Alloys.
Resin is also used in Chemistry as they can be made into Essences.

Wedge Quality vs. Resin Production Rates

  • 2200 quality takes about 2 hours to produce resin.
  • 5200 quality takes about 1 hour to produce resin.
  • 9000 quality takes about 26 minutes to produce resin.

Hypothesis: a tree produces N resin in approximately N*N * (10500 - wedge quality) seconds:

Quality Time to collect N resin
1 2 5 10
2000 2:21 9:26 59:01 236:06
5000 1:31 6:06 38:11 152:46
8000 0:41 2:46 17:21 69:26
8500 0:33 2:13 13:53 55:33
9000 0:25 1:40 10:25 41:40
9500 0:16 1:06 6:56 27:46

So unless you have a very low quality (<5000) wedge, once 1 resin has accumulated it is always better to gather the resin and re-nick rather than leaving the tree to gather more, even if the tree was nicked with a very high quality wedge originally.

Trees that produce Resins used for Alloys

Related Info

Important Note

It is considered rude to take resin from a tree without nicking it again (and even then, someone else nicked it earlier and may be waiting for the resin to collect). Please do not take resin if you cannot nick the tree.

Required By

Brass, Bronze, Metal Blue, Moon Steel, Mutagenics Lab, Octec's Alloy, Raeli Oven, Steel, Sun Steel, Thoth's Metal, Water Metal