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Rhythmic Strength

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Taught at The People's School of the Human Body.


Level Required: 1


When equipped with a slate, glass or bronze Scythe and a papyrus Basket, you will use the Rhythmic Strength skill to increase the amount of grass collected.

This skill is leveled slowly through active use, (In other words you have to gather the grass manually to get the skill ups), to a maximum of level 7. Reaching level 7 may take anywhere between 1k to 20k grass, and possibly more. When you increase your Rhythmic Strength level, you will see this message in Main chat: "Your muscle memory seems to be improving: Your skill in Rhythmic Strength is now 2 out of 7" and so on for higher levels.

The problem with slate scythes resting after skill 4 has been fixed; at skill 5 you get 2 per pull and at 6 you get 2.2 with slate.

At skill 7 with a glass scythe you average a little over 3 per pull.