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Gravel is created by smashing Medium Stones with a Sledgehammer. The amount of gravel that can be yielded by a particular medium stone is random and highly variable.

Medium Stones -> cracked stones -> broken stones -> split stones -> smashed stone -> Gravel

You may get Gravel at any smash.

Drop 1 Medium Stone on the ground and click it to smash (with sledgehammer in inventory). It will roll away a little bit as you smash it, so it is best to do in an emtpy area.

Warning: Don't do this too close to the edge of water! If the stones roll far enough into water, you won't be able to interact with them.

 Average for me is around 50 gravel for medium stone. (tricross)
 I got 59.8 (598 gravel from 10 stones). (docsaintly)
 Another readong of 44.7 (671 from 15). (docsaintly)
 64 gravel per medium stone.  6 stones netted 384 gravel.  (blethezar)
 One of my stones yielded 0 gravel. The medium stone smashed into a single 
   broken stone with a quantity of 0 and no option to smash. (Tektonik)
 I've seen widely varying results. From 3 up to almost 200 gravel from one medium stone and
   over 10 stones averages ranging from 200 to 1000. (DG)
 100 medium stones gave me 5983 gravel (TamBlack)
 Lowest for me was 1 gravel; highest 91 per stone (Zeb)
Tips for mass gravel smashing:
- Stand in the middle of an empty field without trees or other objects
- Drop say 100 stones 1 by 1 at the place you stand (options -> Interface options -> Default MAX off)
- Point your mouse at the top of the stone and just hold the s key until you have smashed all stones. Use the same method to  
pick up all the gravel at your feet. It will take a while before your avatar stops performing the smash movement.  
- Drop your sledgehammer (with sledgehammer in inventory you have to click more)
- Start picking up the stones around you by clicking on them. Note that the game "remembers" where you click so you can  
quickly click on several stones and then just wait until your avatar is finished collecting those stones.
- Start all over again :)

Required By


Produced By

Detonation Box, Sledgehammer