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Brick Machine

From A Tale in the Desert
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Size 9x11
Where Compound

About the brick machine

  • With a Brick Machine, you can make Bricks, Wet Firebricks or Wet Clay Bricks.
  • It makes the bricks in batches of 6. Bricks can be removed and raw materials may be added while the Brick Machine is running
  • It may be tuned to run faster using the Mechanics skill.

Standard version (non-upgraded)

  • Capacity: You can load it up with mats for up to 300 bricks at a time.
  • Speed: It makes bricks at a rate of 300 bricks per ~40 minutes.

Upgraded version

  • Capacity: You can load it up with mats for up to 900 bricks at a time.
  • Speed: same as non-upgraded? Thus 900 bricks in ~2 hours? (not confirmed yet)
    • I measured my upgraded brick machine as doing 6 bricks every 45 teppyseconds, which is consistent with this. --Inkoaten 22:44, 6 May 2009 (EST)

Note: The skill Structure Reinforcement is needed in order to upgrade a brick machine.


This building becomes available once you've learned the Brick Automation skill.


Initial building cost

Upgrade (base and hopper)

Note: There is no graphical/cosmetic effect to the upgrade. You can check if your brick machine is upgraded by clicking on it. If it shows the option to upgrade, it's not. Else, it is. Simple isn't it. -Nkuku


Tuning level Speed
0 6 bricks in 45 teppyseconds
1 6 bricks in 18 teppyseconds