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Guilds/Water in DeNile

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Welcome to Water In DeNile

We are a guild dedicated to the Test of Life. We are located on the eastern branch of the nile in Meroe, almost straight east of the CS. Our guild hall and aquaduct pump is located at 1312, -3845.

Anyone may apply to our guild and build on our aqua line once you're in the guild. All we ask is that you have your build mats and upgrade mats ready to go before you start a tower construction site. Once you have your materials together, let us know in guild chat and we will set you up a place in line. You will then be asked to build and upgrade your tower all in one shot. There will also be times later on that you will need to upgrade your tower height so we ask that you stay active in the guild, atleast till you have passed the test.

We hold digs and cement stirs regularly and can help with tile supplies so no one should have trouble coming up with thier materials. :)

Once you build your tower you will then be asked to support the aqua line by helping grow veggies at the last tower on the line. The more veggies our members grow the quicker we can get you passed the test.

Aquaduct Line Stats

Stats coming soon...

Build Mats Needed

To build a tower requires the materials for an Aqueduct Construction Site (1 canvas, 4 rope, 50 straw) plus:

Upgrade Mats Needed

NOTE: This is an estimated list and will vary as towers grow bigger. Not all of this is required up front, if you have any questions about how much is needed just ask in guild chat. :)