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Bulk 1
Weight 20


Collected from Tar Pits. Weight 20 / Bulk 1 per unit of tar.


Map of Rare Resources, includes Tar.

  • Sinai
    • 4773, 5887
  • Shabbat Ab
    • 57,1286
    • 1850,1257 there is no tar here, only sand
  • Nomad's Paradise
    • -1900, 1854
  • Queen's Retreat
    • 2643, -7192

Tar Map


Uses in Previous Tales:

  • 10 required for a Chemical Bath
  • Pyrotechnics Stars (batch of 10 in a Star Rack):
    • 9 required for Sparkling Sunoui (UE)
    • 13 required for Blue Sparkly (DoS)
  • 15-60 required for Dancing Waters Basins


The second day of live, Scientists at the University of Harmony had noticed that Egypt's ecology changed, making it so that most pre-existing pits of tar sunk into the sand to never be seen again. They also noted that additional tar pits still exist, and suggested that explorers find these pits to share with the world.

The Nomad's Paradise location was confirmed by Cyndi on 12/16/08 (Day 4)

The Sinai location (4773, 5887) was confirmed by Egyptian Tigress on 12/17/08 (Day 5)

The Shabbat Ab location (57, 1286) has been confirmed 26/04/10.

The Shabbat Ab location (1850,1257) was missing when I checked on 04/09/10. I would love it if someone else would confirm. --Manaya --> Confirming Manaya 26/04/10 Tar pit has sunk. Chisper

Required By

Advanced Tub Design, Aqueduct Tower, Chemical Bath, Citizenship, Ferry Boat, Guilds/Water in DeNile, Hardwood Obelisk, Long-Range Ferry, Marble Tub, Scent Lab, Tale of Journey, Twist of Study