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Test of Festivals

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of Festivals
  • Achieve at least 20% satisfaction with one God
  • Achieve at least 10% satisfaction with another God
  • Achieve at least 50% satisfaction overall
Demonstrated by in [[]] on .

The Test of Festivals is a test in the discipline of Worship. Passing the test requires that you reach 100% satisfaction with seven different Gods -- Isis, Osiris, Bastet, Ra, Maat, Hathor, and Thoth -- through a series of rituals performed with other worshippers.

Demonstrate Knowledge of the Test of Festivals

To open the Test of Festivals you require:

  • 1 Honey
  • 1 Silk Cloth
  • 1 Oil
  • 1 Flax
  • 1 Barley (Raw)
  • 1 Camel Milk
  • 1 Medium Quartz
  • 1 Medium Topaz
  • 1 Linen
  • 1 Canvas
  • 1 Male Rabbits
  • 1 Female Rabbits
  • 1 Papyrus Paper
  • 1 Candle
  • 1 Dates
  • 1 Cobra Blood
  • 1 Petals of a 3x Giant Rose of Ra
  • 1 Ink
  • 1 12%+, Two vintage old wine

General Process

  1. Determine your specific requirements for the appropriate God.
  2. Gather your materials (ambrosia plus other items as required).
  3. Conduct the festival.
    • Set up the altar area.
    • Complete any personal actions/preparations.
    • Once everything is ready, sacrifice your ambrosia.
      • Most ambrosias are sacrificed on a Common Altar.
      • Ra ambrosias are sacrificed on a Spirit Brasier.
  4. Get your results.
    • Immediately after sacrificing, you will receive a pop-up telling you whether you have successfully completed the ritual.
      • If your attempt succeeded, you will be told that you pleased the God. (Your requirements for all Gods will be reset and must be retested before you conduct another festival.)
      • If your attempt failed, you can try again with the same requirements, but you will need to replace any consumed materials (i.e. the ambrosia, at a minimum).
    • About an hour after you successfully please the God, you will receive a pop-up telling you what percent satisfaction you achieved.

Percent Satisfaction

Your percent satisfaction for the God is based on the number of players who successfully pleased the God in the period 60 teppyminutes before and 60 teppyminutes after you did so.

  • Participants do not need to be in the same location; they can be scattered all across Egypt so long as they do the ritual in the same block of time.
  • There is a minimum number of participants (3 in previous Tales) in order to get any percentage at all.

Thus, although it is possible to pass the test by doing many, many festivals with just a few people each time, this approach takes a lot of time and materials. The other option is to participate in scheduled, organized festivals (see Festival Schedule), designed to get a large number of players to sacrifice at the same time, so that all participants get credit for each others' performance.

You can find out your current percentage with each God by checking your Tests menu. Your standing with all seven Gods must be raised to 100% to pass the test.

Waiting Period

After successfully participating in a festival, a player must wait 16 Teppyhours (not 24) before they try another, though the player may test for requirements at any time with no ill effect. Successfully participating in a festival will change your requirements for all gods. This is often used to "reset" a particularly difficult requirement by performing a one-person festival to another god with easy requirements, such as Isis.

Rituals Summary

Each God requires a different ritual, which typically includes:

  1. Sacrificing a specific Ambrosia
  2. After having completed a specific action or personal preparation
  3. Within a specific setup around a common altar (or spirit brasier, for Ra).

NOTE: Items in italics in the table below will have avatar-specific requirements and must be determined before each festival. (See Determining Festival Requirements below.)

Click on the festival name for complete details for that God.

Ambrosia Action Altar Setup
Festival of Bastet Aromatic Honey Camel Milk Wear Silk Ribbons 21 Jugs of Camel Milk
Festival of Hathor Beer Cobra Blood Eat meal raising three Stats 3 each Sheep, Rabbits, Chickens (drop each animal separately, not in piles)
Festival of Isis Aromatic Honey Oil Apply Perfume 7 Glass Torches 1
Festival of Maat Rose of Ra petals Honey none 21 flaming Ritual Torches
Festival of Osiris Beer Oil Dress in all black Growing 5 of 7 crops (Cabbage, Leeks, Garlic, Onions, Carrots, Barley, Flax)
Festival of Ra* Wine Dates Burn five Spirits 7 7000-wood lit bonfires
Festival of Thoth Wine Ink none 21 Beetles

*Ra ambrosias are sacrificed on a Spirit Brasier, not the common altar.
1 - Because Glass Torches are a permanent fixture, many regions will have a set location already prepared for this ritual. Be sure to bring 10 oil per torch you are lighting.

Determining Festival Requirements

To find out what you need to do to worship a particular god, you and a partner need to go to a Common Altar. Each God requires two different items, and each partner must have one of each to complete the ritual.

NOTE: Left/right represent the statue's left/right for all altar rituals. If you are facing the statue, switch them.

  1. Person 1 puts item A on the left pillar.
  2. Person 2 puts item A on the right pillar.
  3. Person 1 puts item B on the left focus.
  4. Person 2 puts item B on the right focus.
  5. Person 1 meditates
  6. Person 2 meditates.

Both players will then be told what they need to do to please the God.

God Item A (pillar) Item B (focus)
Bastet Honey Camel Milk
Hathor Male Rabbit Female Rabbit
Isis Honey Oil
Maat Linen Canvas
Osiris Flax Barley (raw)
Ra Medium Quartz Medium Topaz
Thoth Papyrus Paper Candle

Materials are not consumed and can be removed once each player has received their instructions.

Everyone receives different instructions, so all people wishing to participate in a festival must do this ritual. If you successfully please a God in a festival, your requirement for all Gods will change, so it's often best to bring supplies and re-test at the festival altar.

note: a person without the test can help someone do the ritual to determine requirements (ty jazkar for info)

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