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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Grown on grass from Cabbage Seeds.

How to obtain:

  • Plant Cabbage Seeds in a grassy area. Water it immediately, and water it again each time it changes size. Harvest once the option appears.

Research and Tuition


Consuming grilled cabbage provides +2 to speed


The yield of cabbage seems to be location-based.

  • Meroe: -44, -4147 yielded 23 cabbages per plant (unverified). Definitely not at this location as it is all sand. +44, -4147 is also sand. Actually this IS Verified by TWO people at 26 cabbage per seed, the patch does not look like grass but is darker than the rest of the sand. Standing on it reveals it IS grass and it DOES give 26 per seed. Get water in your jug before arriving.

[Note: I was @ -44, -4146 and it's a good place to grow leeks (1 to 23 or 26), but no go with cabbage [Enlightenment 2009-Jan-04])

[Note: I went to -44 -4147 and was able to get 33 cabbage per harvest - Rubenette 4-2-09]

  • With the 7 pyramid of the fertile land up, I am now getting 24/seed in CCR at -60, 6511
      • Cat's Claw Ridge (Adn border): -50, 6536 yielded 17 cabbages per seed. (could use verification) This has been confirmed at 17 per seed this location.
      • Confirmed at -85, 6525 in same general area as above. 17 yield per seed near small water source. ---AnarchyRising 04:01, 11 January 2009 (EST)
    • I've added a public CP with three public kitchens by the water at -50, 6511 for cooking up your carry to get your cabbage home. Please take a look and see if the CP needs maintenance and maintain it if you find it useful, as there is no cornerstone currently :)

  • Pyramid Lake 4261, 7486 yielded 24 cabbages per plant. Looks like a darker patch of grass.

[Note: I got 31 cabbage per harvest from the same spot - jazkar 11-6-09]

Cabbage Bonus Towers

Region Location Owner Veggie (yield ) Water Stats
QR -90, -5869 Linalia Cabbage (66) Speed
SAQ 1140, -900 Arahgon Cabbage (36) Constitution
PL 4091, 6839 Kyline Cabbage (66) Constitution
SA 1329, 1575 Klax Cabbage (33) Perception
SW 1399, 3497 TheMazeEcho Cabbage (57) CON
SW 1609, 3549 Amnhotep Cabbage (63) FOC

Seed Production

There have been verified reports that cabbage seeds can be produced when two or more fresh herbs are in proximity to the planting. The number of seeds yielded is determined by the number of herbs within a certain distance to the cabbage. For example, if cabbage is planted near three fresh herbs, three seeds will be produced.

There's another image on here somewhere that shows a distance that worked for herbs, I thought i'd show mine (i forgot to test with distances to see how far). Point B was the first herb i found, i planted at C but couldn't see the second herb at the time. After planting I looked around and found the herb A. So it's a decent range.

This Range Works!

The amount of cabbage seed is relative to the number of herbs nearby, however a downside is that the number of cabbage is halved for each herb above one in the area.

See also

The general vegetables page, as well as Leeks, Carrots, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Onions, Peppers.

Required By

Cabbage Juice, Cooking, Essential Extract, Grilled Cabbage, Grilled food, Grilled food/Bastet, Test of Towers

Produced By