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These are THEORIES, they are crude, basic and most probably mainly wrong. But they serve the purpose of getting us started.

Vegetable Yields

We are now able to grow every vegetable that has been released this telling. In our Grandparent's Time, they also knew of Eggplants and Watermelons. Cabbages and leeks are the best so far, onions most understood.

Growing veggies at an Aqueduct tower may increase your veggie yield. Check out the list of Aqueduct Bonus Towers for Bastet to increase your yields!


Carrots have a yield that is time based. There is a carrot 'wave' that travels north/northeast/some combination of north and east. Yield of 14 has been found on the wave.

My highest yield to date is 17 carrots. -- Shebi 01:49, 17 December 2008 (EST)

I have had a "wave" up to 24 carrots at it's peak. This was at SA 1600 1800. -- Dresdor June 18th 2009

I stood in one place and farmed carrots for about an hour and a half. I saw a wave pass right over me but the top yield was only 3 carrots per seed. It took about 30 minutes from the start (when I first noticed 1 carrot instead of zero) to the end (when I started getting 1 carrot again). This implies two things to me. 1 - waves are of varying intensities, big and small. AND/OR 2 - your location determines how much the wave can affect you. -- Shams

I got yields varying from 3 to 13 carrots all within a 30 coord area. This was not a carrot wave as the results consistantly repeated themselves. - Spooner

I agree with spooner, it's not a wave. It display many similarities, and is definitely (at least partially) time based. Seems more like carrot 'ripples'.

It seems like the amount changes every 10 in game minutes and that it is the harvest time that decides how much you will get. I harvested one carrot at 08:09AM and another one at 08:10AM and the amount changed. - MrIgnem

I grew 4 carrots seeds and harvested at about the same time and with in 1 step of each other. I got 2 harvests of 3 carrots and 2 harvests of 1 carrot. I also ranged around a largish area looking for better harvests. The best I did was 4 carrots. At a previous planting I had 1,2,3,4,15 carrots harvests in the same area. --ShuoftheFieryHeat 17:08, 19 January 2009 (EST)

I followed a wave crest that was moving west at exactly 20 coords per game hour for about 9 game hours, getting consistent yields of 16 carrots per seed. Moving north or south of a line due west as little as 10 coords changed yields a lot, to about 8 or 10 carrots sometimes. There is def a location factor, but not sure if it is patchy, or depends on y coord.

Carrots have a peak growing time for each location. For example from around 1000 to 1300, I get an oscillating increase in carrot output with a peak of 16 per seed for a brief moment at the middle. I believe that this time is different for each location, but it definitely consistent.

  • Seeding Method:

Revealed by Teppy during T5 Amnesty:
Harvest with nothing in inventory. (I have not yet confirmed this.--merek)


Close to the Nile the yield seems to be limited to 4. As you move away from the river you may see base increases to 6-8. (This may change in the delta. I reliably get 10 onions every time right on the bank at 798 7019. Wadjet)

If you are near Khmun or Meroe etc. you should know of The Magic Onion Patch located by Sonny. Coords are (-30, -1975). The yield per seed is 19.

There is a public warehouse built there with jugs you can use to grow your onions. You may stash onions in the warehouse. The warehouse was built by Borian who lives near there. He plans to build a public kitchen for carry food nearby as well. Please be sure to return the jugs to the warehouse before leaving. Bring your seeds! -- Shams There is no longer any public facilities where jugs are stored. 2/20/09 -- Tamb

Look in the deep desert for higher yields. There seems to be a criss-crossing network of "veins" in the desert and I (Shams) believe that yields peak when these lines intersect. Sonny found a 19 per seed site at (-24, -1981). Strong (17-18 per seed) lines run north and west from that point for at least 300 coordinates in each direction from that point.

At (-26, -1978) I was getting 19 per seed and then Borian showed up and stood next to me and I started getting 9 per seed. Proximity reduces yield at least with two male avatars. -- Shams

Sand Patch near 1600 1800 in SA yields 18 per, located on the bank of a small pond (near the camel pen). Has a dirt spot right next to it for seeding.-Dresdor


Dead easy. There are strips which run in a certain direction (really can't be bothered to find it out) or maybe just a patchwork of 1 coord squares which yield over double up to triple the harvest. There's one west of (old) Kush, which starts at -2, XXXX generally. We found a 19 onion site found at -24, -1981 in Khmun.

EDIT: They are diagonally running strips going in rush-weave style (ummm... I'm tired and been working on this all day. Basically there are patterns that run one direction and some that run in another. At the intersections something may happen, it's being worked on.)

  • Seeding Method: Harvest when your Endurance timer is maxed at red. You will get 2 seeds, not found out how to get more. Easiest way is to dig dirt next to where your onion plants are to max out endurance. If your compound is on or near sand you can also use your loom or comb to do the same thing. This is confirmed for Bastet shard

EDIT: With endurance timer maxed out you will receive no onions. It seems that the more your endurance timer is the lower your yield will be.


Avatar dependent definitely, possibly time/location dependent. Same place, same time, different avatar different yield. General rule of thumb is desert, plant where onion grows well (10+).

-Note: I pull 15 garlic per plant at my cp on the northwest coast of Falcon Bay. Desert is not necessary, you just need to find avatar sweet spot. Also, time is not a factor from what I can tell. Same yield from 4 Pm - 11 pm teppy time. Will test other times asap. -Otox

How big are the spots, in coordinates? I have trying everywhere, but I have never got a yield higher than 1. kristjan 03:29, 19 December 2008 (EST)
  • Nova: 1/1 most places. Getting 3/1 in the entire area around the cat mountain in CCR.
  • My garlic "spot" seems to be an irregular shaped area roughly 800x900 coords. Peak yield was not in the center of the area, but was off-set from the center by a very large amount. -Kiya
  • Seeding Method: Enjoy a Meal in a kitchen and then plant a garlic. This only works for the first growth after you eat each time.
  • You can still get the extra garlic seed even if it has been hours since you ate the meal and the stats have left. -Amora


Ok, leeks appear to do very well in the western desert of Meroe, south of the onion area.

I was at -9, -4070 and got 3 leeks per seed I moved to -56, -4099 and got 26 leeks per seed

have not isolated the boundaries of the leek area - Hale

Confirmed, so not avatar dependent. Will need to map area later. Someone said something about genetics, maybe mapping the area will help with genetics? Who knows. Something to try with onions first I think.

-416, 516 in Khmun I was getting 22 leeks per seed. This was up from about 20-21 leeks from a point southwest of there (loc unavailable) 9592 acidity 17 leeks -565 6890 cats claw ridge

Near the CCR chariot is supposed to be good for leeks and cabbage. JulianJaynes 13:37, 14 April 2009 (EST)

  • Seeding Method:

I got an extra leek seed after eating a MP. Can anyone confirm that please...just in case? Aleena

Yes, several of us got a seed after eating MP. Kerria


27 per seed, -262, -4228 - Hale

26 per seed, -44, -4145 - Orrin (this is sand)

25 per seed, 4286, 7639 - Acidity 1, no heavy metals

Same idea as the onions? Diagonal yield lines? - Orrin
No, possible affected by ecology too: Some cabbage grow data

Near the CCR chariot is supposed to be good for leeks and cabbage. JulianJaynes 13:37, 14 April 2009 (EST)

  • Seeding Method: grow between herbs. This is confirmed for Bastet shard

Grew cabbage seed between two herbs that were 2 coords apart. 7 cabbages grew 12 cabbage 1 seed, 1 cabbage (that was directly in the middle) grew 6 cabbage 2 seeds.
Moved to another patch where i found 3 herbs 1 coord apart. 8 cabbages grew 8 cabbage 3 seeds. Assumption is base yield is 1 seed. if herbs are nearby yield is 1 seed per herb (so requires two nearby herbs to reproduce seeds) Wyked, Year I Akhet II-16.
Cabbage has to be planted between the herbs, to give extra seeds (on the line between 2 herbs, inside the polygon when more than 2 herbs).

Growing cabbage seeds

I grow cabbage between 2 herbs, and got 4 seed/harvest. When i check the area, i found two more herb. Base on that, i think it doesn't matter, that is it in line or not, there is x herb close to you, you get x seed(minimum limit 1 of course) - Darky


Pepper watering requirements in T3 were avatar-specific and changed from day to day.

When watering peppers, you have the option to add from 1 to 7 water at a time. (You may water more than once between growths without killing the plant, but it seems likely that this should not be required, or else the max would be higher).

The size of the growth spurt is an indication of how well you have watered the plant. With the correct amounts of water on each spurt, peppers may be harvested after as few as six steps. Incorrect watering may mean that you have up to 10 growth cycles before the harvest option becomes available.

Max harvests of 16 have been seen frequently. 17 peppers per harvest have also been reported.

I have gotten a yield of 15 per harvest with a formula. I had another person try it and they also got a 15 yield. Please verify it's not avie specific. Watering: 7, 1, 1, 4, 1, 1, 1, harvest (Meroe). ~Harvest
5, 2, 5, 5, ... 5 until harvest produces 17 in Meroe (slower method).
It seems that some avatars can share formulas, could be the location.
Several avatars in same region get same yields, but different region the yield is different (didn't test other region with other people). I suspect it's region specific but avies can share recipes in that region.

I am consistently getting a yield of 19 in Stillwater with the watering pattern of: 7, 7, 1, 1, 5, 7, Harvest ~Amuniet 28 December 2008

A deductive method: Start with Max (7) water right after planting. If the size increase seems large enough, add just 1 water on the next step. If that isalso a large jump, add 1 again. If it is instead a small jump, make a note on the previous (#2) step. Continue til harvest. Next planting, up the amounts on the ones you noted as small, decreasing the subsequent one if it now gives a "good" pop, and repeat until you get a good sequence. -- Shebi 23:40, 25 December 2008 (EST)

I got yields of 18 and here is how i understand peppers: It seems that peppers are harvestable at a certain height, and the more your peppers grow beyond this height, the more you yield. Therefore the trick is to get as close to the harvestable height as possible, and then water with the amount of water that makes the Pepper grow the most. By watering with the amount that made my peppers grow the most every turn I was able to harvest after only 5 waterings, but that only gave me a yield of 10. By changing the water amount in the 5th turn to an amount that made the pepper grow less I was able to water the plant a 6th time and after finding the water amount that made the pepper grow the most in the 6th turn I got 18 peppers per seed. Hope this helps. --Tilds 14:58, 28 December 2008 (EST)

I got yields of 17 and I have the same intentions as Tilds. At first I started to grow them as fast as possible, which needed 5 waterings. I found 6 methods to gather them with just 5 waterings and all gave me another amount. So i grew them near to themselves and I saw that the plant of the best method (8 yields) the highest was. So I tried to get my plant nearly as big as my 0 yield plant (also 5 waterings) and then get the highest jump. --Sacer 17:24, 4 January 2009 (EST)

I tried starting off with 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 and I got 22 peppers at the end. Haven't yet found a way to produce more. -- Linalia 05:33, 7th June 2009 (GMT)

  • Seeding Method: unknown.


Planted on grassy terrain; 4 waterings available. I played with the numbers for Y2, A1-21 btw 17:00-18:00, and saw the best yield (26) at 4,1,3,6. I ran numbers from 1,1,1,1 -> 1,1,1,7 to see the best yield from that, then backed up to 1,1,1,6 -> 1,1,7,6, etc. to reach that. Uncertain at this time whether those change over time, location, etc. My spouse harvested one of my plants with same yield. More to come here, I'm sure.

  • Y2, Akhet I-23, 10:00-11:00; 26 @ 4,1,5,2. The first watering both cycles has increased yield by 3 each when moving the right direction, all other waterings 1 each.

To duplicate seeds, plant (harvest?) near a lit hookah. Smoking the hookah and con seem to have no effect. Any watering scheme will generate a second seed.

  • Y2 Akhet III-27, 1:00 pm - Grew 11 per with watering schedule of 4, 1, 3, 6 - WaggPhysh
  • Seeding Method: grow near a lit, but unsmoked Hookah. Lighting the Hookah and taking a puff will not allow the seeding to happen (according to experimental data)

Y2 peret IV-1, 5:47 AM, QR (-78, -6025) (near bonus tower) - TamBlack

You can find your optimal growing cycles in max 25 tries as follows:

0) Water 1,1,1,1 and write down the yield

1) Water 2,1,1,1 / 3,1,1,1 / ... / 7,1,1,1 and write down each yield

2) Do the same for 1,2,1,1 / 1,3,1,1 / ... / 1,7,1,1

3) 1,1,2,1 / 1,1,3,1 / ... / 1,1,7,1

4) 1,1,1,2 / 1,1,1,3 / ... / 1,1,1,7

Your first watering is now determined by the max yield of step 0) and 1), e.g. if your max yield is with 5,1,1,1 then your first watering should be 5, or 1 in case 1,1,1,1 gave the maximum yield. The optimal watering number for the second, third and fourth watering is determined by the maximum of step 0) and respectively step 2), 3) and 4).

So for example maximum yields per step of 2,1,1,1 / 1,5,1,1 / 1,1,4,1 / 1,1,1,3 would give you your optimal watering cyclus of 2,5,4,3.

Note: you can even do it with less tries in each step by stopping as soon as you see your yield is decreasing instead of increasing.


Info in above link


I have tried growing watermelons in various regions and to date I get 8 watermelons. Only variations are 11 at my cp in SA and 17 in Sinai at 3074 4471 (grassy patch above S Arch). Only got one seed back each time - Mariamom

Things That Don't Work

We need to start pooling ideas and things that don't work so we can eliminate things when we find a decent yield.

  • Carrots not affected by:

  • Cabbages not affected by:
    • Height
    • Crowding
    • acidity


I asked Sami whether he had any hints for us concerning cabbage yield. He gave a very cryptic response. Whether it's of use or whether it's just ravings is up to you. Here is the transcription:

Yes I do infact...
As a boy, I much enjoyed some of the vegetable dishes that our chef would prepare...
Huge platters of the very finest and freshest cuisine, presented beautifully...
How often is it that children don't like vegetables...
But when prepared by a master like the family chef, they are a delight, to the old and the young

Discussions on Sami

He mentions age quite a bit. Hint somewhere there?

How about duplication having some relation to your cooking level? -- Saccia

It sounds like yield might increase with level or cooking level ... or maybe legacy players can produce more? --absurddoctor 01:49, 16 December 2008 (EST)

I think he was talking about cooking rather than cabbage yield. Elouamn 03:54, 16 December 2008 (EST)

Or production of Master Piece meals will increase yield Seba

Or eating a masterpiece meal leads to an extra seed next harvest, as for leeks in T3? -- Shebi 18:49, 16 December 2008 (EST)

Probably means with ecology you can work out where to grow. - Orrin

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