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Current Petition:

Petition by JulianJaynes (47 signatures, 2 petitioners) Last Turned in 1 day ago with 41 Signatures. Legal Opinion: Unknown

Change the Default Time-of-Day Lighting Setting

Whereas the default time-of-day lighting setting makes foraging harder, interferes with the new mining system, and reduces the ability of Egyptians to appreciate and vote on art, the time-of-day lighting setting will default to off (the lowest setting) for all new players.

No settings will be changed for existing players. However, a one-time pop-up will appear telling existing players where to change the settings and why they might want to do so.

Other Stuff

Unconventional Storage


Garlic Hunting

SA by EL, nile near CS SW CS Adn CS CCR CS NP CS Khmun CS