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Welcome to My Page!

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Hello, welcome to my wiki page. I'm a Grandlegacy, Scribe of Architecture. I'm master of all acro moves.

I am involved in wine making and beetle crossbreeding and plan to eventually be taking part in beer making, flower crossbreeding, growing indonesian beehives, and hopefully take part in a number of tests related to art, body, thought and architecture. I also love artwork so I will likely be decorating parts of Egypt with some lovely sculptures.

My home is situated in Queen's Retreat just a stone's throw away from the chariot stop.

My Thought Games

Empty Hand Puzzle: 552, -6154 Queen's Retreat

My Artwork

Sculpture - Egyptian Phoenix: 618, -6197 Queen's Retreat (just a little south of the chariot stop)
Raeli Mosaic - Bastet: 783, -3628 Meroe (just a little west of the chariot stop)

Previous Tale Pages

Nothing much to see in my tale 1 page, but in tale 3 I was more active and even for the first time had myself a prize-winning beetle.