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Planted on grassy terrain; 4 waterings available. I played with the numbers for Y2, A1-21 btw 17:00-18:00, and saw the best yield (26) at 4,1,3,6. I ran numbers from 1,1,1,1 -> 1,1,1,7 to see the best yield from that, then backed up to 1,1,1,6 -> 1,1,7,6, etc. to reach that. Uncertain at this time whether those change over time, location, etc. My spouse harvested one of my plants with same yield. More to come here, I'm sure.

Y2, Ankhet I-23, 10:00-11:00; 26 @ 4,1,5,2. The first watering both cycles has increased yield by 3 each when moving the right direction, all other waterings 1 each. To duplicate seeds, plant (harvest?) near a lit hookah. Smoking the hookah and con seem to have no effect. Any watering scheme will generate a second seed.

Y2 Akhet III-27, 1:00 pm - Grew 11 per with watering schedule of 4, 1, 3, 6 - WaggPhysh Seeding Method: grow near a lit, but unsmoked Hookah. Lighting the Hookah and taking a puff will not allow the seeding to happen (according to experimental data)

Y2 peret IV-1, 5:47 AM, QR (-78, -6025) (near bonus tower) - TamBlack

You can find your optimal growing cyclus in max 25 tries as follows:

0) Water 1,1,1,1 and write down the yield

1) Water 2,1,1,1 / 3,1,1,1 / ... / 7,1,1,1 and write down each yield

2) Do the same for 1,2,1,1 / 1,3,1,1 / ... / 1,7,1,1

3) 1,1,2,1 / 1,1,3,1 / ... / 1,1,7,1

4) 1,1,1,2 / 1,1,1,3 / ... / 1,1,1,7

Your first watering is now determined by the max yield of step 0) and 1), e.g. if your max yield is with 5,1,1,1 then your first watering should be 5, or 1 in case 1,1,1,1 gave the maximum yield. The optimal watering number for the second, third and fourth watering is determinded by the maximum of step 0) and respectively step 2), 3) and 4).

So for example maximum yields per step of 2,1,1,1 / 1,5,1,1 / 1,1,4,1 / 1,1,1,3 would give you your optimal watering cyclus of 2,5,4,3.

Note: you can even do it with less tries in each step by stopping as soon as you see your yield is decreasing instead of increasing.