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New Name

I have changed my name to Kemiu. Wadjet is a goddess's name, and while I like certain aspects of her, she's a snake and I'm... not. Miow. =O.o=

Old Info

So I thought Wadjet was a male Pharaoh's name, turns out it's the name of a goddess, so that just when I start to feel comfortable playing a guy (wot I am IRL) I wind up with a girl's name. Such is my life. :)

The goddess is interesting anyhow. She's a very ancient one, a protector, and while in some places and times she was the more vengeful kind of protector, in others she was a forerunner to Bast, the feline goddess of home and motherhood. Wadjet became a protector to Pharaoh, her snake form adorning his crown. She often appears on Bast's head too, as a protector of the goddess of motherhood. All things considered, I'm not too unhappy with being named after Wadjet.