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Wild beetles can be found just about anywhere. Along roads, on hills, grass, sand, dirt, clay, stone, etc. They seem to appear randomly. They wander around a little bit but not very far or fast. Burrowing, Plains and Speckled are the types of wild beetles. Beetles may be bred in a Beetle Terrarium or stored (indefinately and without feeding) in a Khefre's Locker. Beetles take up 1 weight and 1 bulk and may be carried on your person without requiring food. They only seem to eat when they are in a Beetle Terrarium. The Test of Khefre's Children is not required for finding or picking up beetles.

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Burrowing Found in desert area in Pyramid Lake approximately 3136, 7758

(image taken out of its natural habitat ie my compound)

Burrowing Beetle.JPG


Plains Found in Meroe, 237, -4408

(image taken in its natural habitat)

Plains Beetle.jpg


Speckled Found near the shores of Meroe, approximately 858, -3741

(image taken in its natural habitat)

Freckled Beetle.jpg