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Bulk 1
Weight 1


Ink is made in a Chemistry Laboratory using 5 Salts of Iron, 5 Charcoal, and 20 Oil. Each batch produces 20 Ink. On a CON timer, but very short - can make 500 Ink in a minute or two.


  • 1 Used to re-label Wines after they are already sealed in a barrel.
  • 14 required to build a Float of Ghost, and various amounts required to upgrade the size of it
  • 500 required to build a Library
  • 2,000 for research of Basic Trade
  • 5,000 for research of Storage Improvements 1

Required By

Float of Ghost, Pulse of the People, Pulse of the People/Bastet, Test of the Coalition, Test of the Coalition/Bastet

Produced By

Chemistry Laboratory