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Path of the Pilgrim

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta


  • Join (or form) a Pilgrimage
  • Expand to Seven Pilgrims
  • Tithe at a Shrine
  • Have all other Pilgrims Tithe
  • Tithe at a Different Shrine
  • Make an additional Tithe at a Previous Shrine
  • Accumulate 700 Points

Note that there is no need to leave a shrine and return. Simply tithing twice at any shrine will satisfy the principle.

Demonstrate the Principle

What it took to unlock the test for Egypt.

  • 7 Oyster Shell Marble
  • 7 Yellow Alabaster Marble
  • 7 Mud Granite Marble
  • 7 White Travertine Marble
  • 7 Canary Granite Marble
  • 7 Night Granite Marble
  • 7 Grey Star Marble

Demonstrated by Pascalito in Falcon Bay on 2009-01-28.

The Pilgrimage

Forming a Group

A pilgrimage consists of exactly seven people. The leader should visit a University of Worship to form a group. The other six members must also visit a University to begin the test; once they have done so, they may select an option from the leader's menu to join the group.

Once formed, a pilgrimage may not change its membership. If any member dissolves the group (self->Tests menu), all points are lost and the members will need to start the test over from the beginning. Points are not lost if a member quits the game, but no more may be gained unless all seven members are available (quit players can pass this Test).


Once formed, the pilgrimage must tithe at shrines. The amount and type of the tithe is set by the builder of the shrine. In order to successfully tithe:

  • The shrine must be holy (see #Pilgrim Shrines, below).
  • All seven members of the pilgrimage must tithe within two minutes of each other -- otherwise the points are not counted. Tithes can be made multiple times.
    • Logging off one character and onto a spouse/other does not affect the tithing, as long as both tithe within the timer.
  • The shrine must be at least 600 coordinates (measured, not region based) from any other shrine this group has tithed at.
    • 600 coordinates takes 10 minutes to run, at 0 dex, offroad.


The pilgrimage will receive 100 points for successfully tithing at a new shrine. It is possible to tithe multiple times consecutively at the same shrine, however the points received will halve with each successive tithe. The following chart shows how many points per tithe.

# Tithes Points Total
1 100 100
2 50 150
3 25 175
4 12 187
5 6 193
6 3 196
7 2 198
8 1 199
9 1 200
10 >0< 200

NOTE: The points for each shrine and the total number of points are all actually floats, which are rounded to ints for display. The number of points obtained for each tithe is exactly half of the preceding one. At one point our pilgrimage had 200 points for two different shrines but our total was 399.

Pilgrims may check their progress from their Tests menu, which will report the current total score of the pilgrimage, as well as what shrines have been tithed at and how many points were received from each.

The Test of the Pilgrimage

Every week, the pilgrimage with the largest number of points will pass the test. Pilgrimages that do not pass in a given week retain their points, and may either continue visiting new shrines to increase their score or wait and hope their existing total will be enough in an upcoming week.

Pilgrim Shrines


Pilgrim Shrines are built by players with the Pilgrim Shrine Construction skill. (You do not need to be signed up for the test to build a shrine, as long as you have the skill.) It is not possible to transfer ownership of a shrine to a guild or other player.

Each shrine has a tithe associated with it, set by the builder. This tithe may be any quantity of any single item.

  • A shrine is built in s Small Construction Site
  • A shrine costs seven Granite and Marble to construct, plus seven times the tithe.
  • The type of marble required will vary with the type of the tithe (you are informed of the type needed when you attempt to construct the shrine using a small construction site).
  • There is a list of Shrine Marble requirements.

Tithes made to a shrine are collectible (instantly) by the builder of the shrine, so a well placed and priced shrine may collect a significant amount of tithes.

Note: If you salvage your Pilgrim shrine, you get nothing back.

Holy Shrines

Pilgrims may only tithe at a shrine if it is holy and is at least 600 coords from any other shrine at which the group has tithed.

A shrine is holy if:

  • It is owned by an active account.
  • It is the only shrine owned by that character.
  • It is the most expensive shrine of its type in its region. (For the purposes of this Test, Egypt is divided into 8 regions.)

For example:

  • If Akhetaton builds a shrine with a tithe of 5 iron, and there are no other shrines with an iron tithe in his region, his shrine will be holy.
  • If Tutankhamen then builds a shrine with a tithe of 6 iron in the same region, his shrine will be holy -- and Akh's shrine will stop being holy.
  • If Tut's shrine had required 5 iron or less, it would not have been holy, and Akh's would have remained holy.
  • On the other hand, if Tut were to build a shrine with a tithe of 2 copper, both his shrine and Akh's 5 iron shrine would be holy, since they require tithes of different types and are each the most expensive shrine for that type.


It is usually best to build a pilgrim shrine at least 600 coordinates from any other shrine. If you build within 600 coords of another shrine, a pilgrimage can only visit one of the shrines (so you potentially deprive yourself or the other person of some shrine income, and the pilgrimage of the chance to tithe at two shrines instead of one). It is also unwise to use the same resource for a tithe as someone else in the region, since this will make their shrine non-holy and useless - this has caused expensive shrine wars in the past.

Map of Existing Pilgrim Shrines

Please add known Pilgrim Shrines to the map of existing Pilgrim Shrines.

Worship Guilds

  • Worship World - We will strive to help you with all of your worship needs. Stop on by, the Worship World guild is located directly East from Meroe CS at 1055, -3683.
  • Venerate is a European time zone worship guild open to anyone interested in working on passing worship tests. Our Guild Hall is located close to the chariot stop in Adn at 1045, 6973.