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Test of the Freeman

From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of the Freeman
  • Cast a Vote
  • Cast a Vote on a 2nd Ballot
  • Win 100 Freeman Points
Demonstrated by Dreasimy in Meroe on 2009-10-31.


By predicting the percentage of "yes" votes that a ballot will receive, you make progress toward passing the Test.

Predictions are made a voting booth, during Ballot periods.


After the ballot closes, Freemen points are calculated using a simple formula.

  • For each petition on the ballot, it subtracts from 100 the absolute difference between the user prediction and the real ballot outcome multiplied by 10 (using percentage decimals). 100 - ( |user prediction - ballot percentage| )*10
    • If the result is negative (i.e. prediction is more than 10% off), points assigned are 0.
    • Maximum possible points earned per ballot are 700 points.
  • These points are added to your previous score multiplied by 4/7 to calculate your new score. (4/7 * old score) + new score


  • Avatar has 70 points from previous ballots.
  • Avatar predicts for PetitionA 54% and for PetitionB 46%.
  • The final outcome is PetitionA 55% and PetitionB 60%
  • The score is then:
    • PetitionA = 100-[abs(55-54)*10] = 90
    • PetitionB = 100-[abs(60-46)*10] = -40 = 0
    • This means the avatar would have a total score of 90 Freemen points for this ballot.
  • The new total score for Freeman = 4/7ths of 70 (previous ballots) + 90 (new ballot) = 130


Each week, 7 pass. If there are ties, the unused passes are retained. There is also a list of runner-ups posted. If no new ballot is launched before mid Friday, the top runner-ups on a week will be the ones passing the next week (except for the fact that we still don't know if quit/expired accounts pass or not nor if they keep the points after reactivation).