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Test of the Humble Priests

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of the Humble Priests
  • Candle on the Left Pillar of an Altar
  • Candle of the Right Pillar
  • Small Diamond on the Left Focus
  • Water on the Right Focus
  • Light the Left Candle
  • Light the Right Candle
  • Meditate, with all steps having been done in order
  • Join or form a Devotional Group
Demonstrated by Wrongskian in Saqqarah on 2010-05-10.

Humble yourself before five of twelve Gods. The faithful will not choose their gods - rather, the gods will choose them. Begin by performing a Ritual of Humility, by yourself, at a common altar. Place candles on the left and right pillars, signifying enlightenment. Place a small diamond on the left focus to provide clarity, and a jug of water on the right focus, showing purity of spirit. Light the candles in the order placed. Further instruction will come to those enlightened. - UWorship Test description

Determining Your Gods

  1. Place a candle on the left pillar
  2. Place a candle on the right pillar
  3. Place a small diamond on the left focus
  4. Place a water in jugs on the right focus
  5. Light the left pillar candle
  6. Light the right pillar candle
  7. Meditate 

You'll get a vision of five Gods if the ritual works correctly (if not, clear the altar, meditate and repeat the ritual - also check that you've signed up for the Test, and note that the directions refer to the statue's left/right). Your Gods will be chosen from Amun, Geb, Hathor, Heket, Maat, Nut, Ptah, Set, Sobek, Tayet, Tefnut and Thoth. Your Gods will not change if you redo the ritual.

Forming a Devotional Group

Once you know the gods you have to satisfy, you should pick one and find four other people with the same god to form a devotional group. One person forms the group (Tests->Test of the Humble Priests menu) and the others in the group click on him/her to join.

Each person will be given a priest number based on the order in which they joined the group. Instructions for each player will appear in a window and these instructions only stay on the screen for a few minutes. Press the the 'clipboard' button to record the instructions so that you can paste them into chat.

The instructions have two sections. The first section is shared among all priests and never changes from god to god or priest to priest. Here is the text:

<name of god> has called to you, the <number> humble priest!
     First Priest lights the Flame of Humility.
     First Priest burns specially prepared incense.
     First Priest completes a sacrifice at the altar, resulting in Sacrificial Ashes.
     Second Priest completes the Ritual of Humility using the Sacrificial Ashes.
     Third Priest performs the Emotional Devotions in order.
     Fourth Priest crumbles Moss in a holy location.
     Fifth priest recites a Blessing of Humility.

The second section of the instructions are unique to each priest and god but have the following format:

  Special Instructions:
   special instructions here
     The Blessing should contain at least one of these phrases:
      list of phrases, possibly none
     But <name of god> will be insulted by any of these phrases:
      list of phrases, possibly none
  Commit these words to memory - visions are fleeting!

It is a good idea to copy (use the 'clipboard' button on the popup) these instructions to a text editor for later reference.

The requirements (incense, moss, emote sequence (Emotional Devotions), and Blessing of Humility) are set by whoever is Priest 1 (the group creator) and are repeatable. The group can be reformed by the same priest even with different members and you'll get the same requirements every time.

Since a person can repeat a devotion to a God many times, even with different groups, it may be worth finding people with easy requirements for each God to help people through the ritual easily. If you have an especially easy requirement for a God and are willing to help other groups, add your name and requirements to Easygoing Priests.

Incense has five attributes: quality, adjective, positive stat, negative stat, and scent. The gods will give you a requirement for three of these attributes - the other two attributes can be anything (e.g. a requirement of "Quality 245+, speed enhancing, giddy feeling" would be fulfilled by an incense of 300 quality, clove scent, giddy feeling, speed enhancing, forgetfulness inducing). Moss similarly can have multiple stats (dry, fuzzy, slimy, reticulated, etc.), but the Gods only require two specific ones - any extra attributes are fine.

The Blessing of Humility has to be constructed from the phrases given to different priests. Each priest should paste their instructions into main and choose one (and ONLY one -- including two phrases from any one priest will fail the blessing) of the required phrases after verifying that none of the other priests have reported that phrase as offensive to the god. Do not include any punctuation in the blessing. Capitalization doesn't matter.

Fixed Requirements

Some parts of the devotion are always the same for a god - the sacrifice and the Ritual of Humility. Incense, moss, and the Blessing of Humility required are dependent on the first priest.

God Sacrifice Left focus Right focus Where the moss should be crumbled
Amun 49 Onions Gold Silver On or by a citizen that has not passed any initiations
Geb 7 flint Silt Clay On dirt (dust?)
Hathor 1 wine (10%+ alc) Female rabbit Hen Near a Ceremonial Tasting Table
Heket 7 tadpole Egg Tadpole Near a wild-growing mushroom
Maat 1 Ibis feather Camel milk Honey Voting booth
Nut 7 Star Medium Diamond Medium Sapphire On top of a Mountain
Ptah 7 jug Charcoal Copper Wire On Clay
Set 7 glass rod Cactus sap Sand spore By a pyramid
Sobek 7 abdju fish Leather Iron While riding a ferry
Tayet 7 clay lamp Canvas Linen On grass near water
Tefnut 7 salt Water jug Pepper seed Aqueduct
Thoth 7 papy seed Papy paper Ink Nile bank

Performing the Devotions

Checklist of things to do before starting:

  • Choose a Humble Priest altar near any other requirements, if possible (e.g. water you can ferry across for Sobek).
  • Check that there is a Windproof Incense Burner at the Humble Priest altar and that it is publicly usable (many of them have them already).
  • Locate a common altar for Priest 2.
    • Priest 2 might want to set a nav point there. (Consider clearing the common altar before the ceremony just in case.)
  • Gather your materials (enough for several attempts in case things go wrong):
    • Incense (each attempt uses one)
    • Moss (each attempt uses one)
    • Foci materials for your god (reusable - see chart above)
    • Candles (each attempt uses two)
    • Sacrifice materials (see chart above)
  • Arrange a means of coordinating between the priests - you need to tell one another when you're done on a particular part of the ritual.

Be prepared for this process to take some time, especially if your Priest 1 has not led a group with this god before. It takes time to work out all the details to ensure success. Be patient; the hardest part of this test is getting everyone in place at once and keeping one's cool when things go wrong. Any failure dissolves the group. The requirements will stay the same at the next attempt if the group is formed by the same person (even after failing midway through the rituals). There appears to be no timer.

The first priest lights the Flame of Humility by clicking on the Humble Priests altar for the appropriate God. Everyone must be present at the altar when the flame is first lit (the range is very short, <5 coords). A little flame will light on the altar. Burn the required incense in a Windproof Incense Burner (self -> projects menu) - 1 incense is used. The first priest then makes a sacrifice on the altar and will get ashes (goes direct to inventory). The ashes should be given to the second priest.

Second priest takes the ashes and goes alone to a nearby common altar (using Navigation/Expedition travel works) to perform the Ritual of Humility:

  • Place candles on the pillars, left to right.
  • Place a Silt and a Clay (or whatever your god's foci materials are) on the foci, left to right.
  • Light the candles, right to left, then sprinkle the Sacrificial Ashes.
  • Extinguish the candles, right to left, then Meditate.

Note: Our group failed this, didn't notice the reverse of the candle order from when you place them (left to right) when you light them (right to left). Candles are consumed if done correctly. The second priest will get a popup when his ceremony is completed, and can then take the remaining materials and return to the group at the gods altar.

The third priest will have a selection of new emotes under his/her emote menu. At the appropriate time, these should be performed in the order given in the third priest's special instructions. Any other group member performing the emotes (you all get the option), doing them at the wrong time, or doing them in the wrong order will fail the group. The new emotes are:

  • Command me from Heaven
  • Take my Blood
  • Show me mercy
  • Enter my Soul
  • Share my Joy

The fourth priest should crumble moss by standing in the appropriate place (e.g. on dirt) and click Tests->Test of the Humble Priests->Crumble Moss. There is no popup or other indication of success. Crumbling moss twice will fail the group.

The fifth priest recites a Blessing of Humility when all group members are back at the altar by clicking Tests -> Test of the Humble Priests -> Recite a Blessing of Humility, then entering an appropriate prayer into the edit box that appears - not by chatting it in Main. The prayer should include all the phrases that are required but not any of the ones that will insult the God (check everyone's special instructions for these). Be careful; the instructions can say "must have two or more". If it says "at least one", and you have two good options, choose ONLY one of them (yes, this is a bug). Choosing both will counts as a blasphemous phrase. The prayer appears in Main for the group members to see. Reciting the prayer too early or when one or more group members aren't near the altar will fail the group.

If all went well, you'll all get a popup saying that your devotional group has pleased your God. Note that you can still form devotional groups for and please that God again, allowing you to help others. If you failed at any time, extinguish the flame on the altar and the incense before reforming the group.


Since it's the character initiating the group that determines the required incense and moss (which can often be very hard to produce), and since it has been proven that a character can repeat the ceremony, it would be wise to keep track of who has easy requirement for each god. You can do so here : Easygoing Priests.

Priest 4 has the easiest task since they just have to crumble moss. This is a good job for someone new to the test. Priest 2 usually has the toughest task since they need to perform a complex ritual.


This page contains information directly lifted from Tale 2, and has not yet been confirmed as accurate for Tale 4.
Please verify the accuracy of the data before removing this stub

When you have completed a devotion to all five of your Gods, you may seek the blessing of one of those Gods. This choice can only be made once and cannot be changed. When a God has blessed you, you have the power to bless another person, once per day.

Attribute modifications seem to stack with grilled fish, incense, and tower bonuses, and last about 1 hour.

NOTE: It appears that the gods' bonuses have a tendency to be based on their requirements. Amun requires 49 onions, and gives an extra seed; Heket requires the moss to be crumbled upon a shroom, and gives extra mushrooms; Ptah requires clay, and gives clay; and Set requires a pyramid to crumble on, and lets you push limestone blocks. Perhaps we should test Thoth for higher papyrus yields, and Sobek for fishing? -Sedelyan

God Blessing
Amun +3 focus and a one off extra seed per blessing*
Geb +3 speed
Hathor No stat increase, 10 glasses per bottle of wine
Heket No stat increase, x2 shroom harvest (Tested and disproved by my blessees - Nopar King)
Maat +3 per
Nut Creates a Night Emitter which turns day into night for a limited time only (60-90 minutes?)
Ptah +3 str, gather 2 clay per click/water (also gives two flint on flint spots)
Set +1 foc and a one time Push of all limestone blocks within ~10 coords
Sobek +3 dex
Tayet +3 end, half weave time
Tefnut +3 con Doesn't increase salt cooking in kettle, doesn't increase veggie yields near aqueducts
Thoth No stat increase, benefits still undetermined
  • Tested and works on Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Eggplant, Peppers and Watermelon

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