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Test of Seven Phoenix

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of Seven Phoenix
Demonstrated by Stevehotep in Shabbat Ab on 2010-04-29.
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The Test of Seven Phoenix will challenge your skills as a contractor, not a laborer. When the Hour of the Phoenix arrives, you'll be given a number of glorious Phoenix statues that you must ensure get built at specific Phoenix parks throughout Egypt. Complete all seven within a (game) hour for maximum score. If you waypoint travel during an Hour, you will be disqualified from that hour. No Egyptian may build more than a single statue in a given hour, and no Egyptian who has traveled during the hour may build. (UArch test signup message)

The Test of Seven Phoenix is about organizing and supplying a team to build for you within a short period of time.

  • When the Hour of the Phoenix arrives, check a School of Architecture to receive a list of seven Phoenix Stadiums around Egypt, and the type of Phoenix statue that must be built at each.
  • The list of parks will be the same for each architect during that hour (shown to everyone by clicking on the calendar), but the statue type will be random.
  • The Hour of the Phoenix lasts for one hour of TeppyTime (3 Egypt-hours or just over 1 RL hour).

No Egyptian may build more than a single statue in a given hour. If you want points for more than one statue, you'll have to get other people to build each additional statue and give them to you (similar to the Test of Towers). If you try to build a second phoenix with the same builder, you will get a message and the materials will be dropped on the ground.

However, if you use waypoint, chariot or expedition travel at any time during an Hour of the Phoenix, you are disqualified. You will no longer be able to build a statue during that Hour (for yourself or anyone else), any statue you have already built will be worth zero points (this point needs confirmation), and you will receive zero points for statues built for you. Because of this, you will probably need to be at a School to receive your list before the Hour starts.

NOTE: Spousewarp is allowed during the hour, having been dev called and checked.

An architect can build a statue for him/herself, should they be lucky enough to be near the appropriate Phoenix park with the necessary supplies, but clearly this won't happen often and is not worth much alone.

If ownership of a statue is passed to someone who has traveled, that person may transfer ownership to someone else without invalidating the points. In other words, only the original builder and the final recipient need not to have traveled. Note that this is only likely to be useful in the event of typing the wrong name (e.g. the delivery person instead of the intended recipient), as different architects all likely require different phoenix types in each stadium.

Travelling to/from the Spirit Arena is allowed.

At the end of a Hour of the Phoenix, all Phoenix built burn to nothing (Phoenix are fleeting).


This Test is best passed by a team.

  • Collect resources for at least 1 set of all 7 phoenix.
  • Organize a group of people to take positions around Egypt before the hour begins.
  • Station yourself at a SArch just before the hour begins.
  • When the hour begins, check the list and locate the stadiums within 1 hour's run of your team.
  • Designate some as builders and some as materials delivery once you know who is close enough to build.
  • If your builders don't have enough natural carry to take a kit to a stadium, have someone run with them, drop a waypoint, then nav materials to them.
  • Do not use any chariots or expedition/navigation time yourself or you will gain no points.

Since the score you get is based on the number of Phoenix built in your name in the hour, it may be worth aborting an attempt if you cannot build several.


At the end of the Hour of the Phoenix, you will receive n^2 points, where n is the number of statues built. This means 1 point for a single Phoenix, 4 for two, etc up to a max of 7 Phoenix. The three Architects with the highest number of points will pass the test each week.

Number of Phoenix Points scored
1 1
2 4
3 9
4 16
5 25
6 36
7 49

Phoenix Costs (Checked in T4)

Phoenix Being Born

851 weight and bulk (including 5 for small construction site)

Phoenix Growing Old

883 weight and bulk (including 5 for small construction site)

Phoenix in His Prime

754 weight and 1437 bulk (including 5 for small construction site)

Phoenix on the Hunt

1208 weight and 1007 bulk (including 5 for small construction site and 2/1 for the extra jug)

Phoenix Parting Ways

824 weight and bulk (including 5 for small construction site)

Phoenix Taking Shelter

1128 weight and bulk (including 5 for small construction site)

Phoenix Twisting Fate

843 weight and bulk (including 5 for small construction site)

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To Open the Test

To open the Test of Seven Phoenix you require:

  • 1 Beeswax (Missing)
  • 1 Pewter (Missing)
  • 1 Small Topaz (Missing)
  • 1 Silver Wire (Missing)
  • 1 Steel Sheeting (Missing)
  • 1 Soft, Rotproof, Fireproof Boards (Missing)
  • 1 Sienna Paint (Missing)
  • 1 Rosy Brown Raeli Tiles (Missing)
  • 1 Mineral Spirits of Fire (Missing)
  • 1 Gunpowder (Missing)
  • 1 Linen (Missing)
  • 1 Leather (Missing)
  • 1 Glass Rods (Missing)
  • 1 Steel Wire (Missing)
  • 1 Copper Sheeting (Missing)
  • 1 Low Explosive (Missing)
  • 1 Gold Bars (Missing)
  • 1 Small Ruby (Missing)
  • 1 Sheet Glass (Missing)
  • 1 Copper Wire (Missing)
  • 1 Gold Foil (Missing)
  • 1 Perch Fish (Missing)
  • 1 Water in Jugs (Missing)
  • 1 Concrete (Missing)
  • 1 Magnesium Wire (Missing)
  • 1 Canvas (Missing)
  • 1 Small Diamond (Missing)
  • 1 Ink (Missing)
  • 1 Charcoal (Missing)
  • 1 Firebricks (Missing)
  • 1 Cut Stone (Missing)
  • 1 Thoth's Metal Wire (Missing)
  • 1 Pewter Sheeting: Hard Corrosion Resistant (Missing)
  • 1 Dried Papyrus (Missing)
  • 1 Nails (Missing)
  • 1 Papyrus Paper (Missing)
  • 1 Metal Blue Wire (Missing)