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Treated Boards

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Treated boards are produced in a Wood Treatment Tank from ordinary Boards and may have multiple properties depending on how they were treated. The Wood Treatment tech is needed to operate a wood treatment tank and produce treated boards.


The final outcome will be a set of boards with named properties where the attributes were particularly high or low.

Property Very Low
Very High
Flexibility Rigid Pliable
Cuttability Hard Soft
Flammability Fireproof Volatile
Water resistance Rotproof
Insect Toxicity Termite-prone Termite-resistant
Human Toxicity Nontoxic
Darkness White Blond Black
Glossiness Glossy

A complex item, treated boards appear in inventory as "Boards:<property list>" where <property list> is one or more of the properties listed above; For example:

  • Boards:Blonde
  • Boards:Nontoxic Termite-resistant
  • Boards:Pliable Rotproof Termite-resistant Nontoxic Blond

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T3 Uses

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  • Fireproof
    • Small House (1400)
  • Glossy Black
    • Banquet Table (30)
    • Gazebo (300)
  • Glossy Blond
    • Banquet Table (30)
  • Glossy Hard
    • Twist of Study (40 for size 1)
  • Glossy Hard Rotproof
    • Megalopolis (varies)
  • Glossy White
    • Banquet Table (30)
    • Gazebo (300)
  • Glossy White Fireproof
    • Megalopolis (varies)
  • Hard Fireproof
    • Acoustics Laboratory (400)
  • Hard Pliable
    • Acoustics Laboratory (550)
    • Megalopolis (varies)
  • Hard Rigid
    • Megalopolis (varies)
  • Hard Rigid Rotproof
    • Gazebo (150)
  • Hard Rotproof
    • Megalopolis (varies)
  • Hard White
    • Modern Sheep Farm (250)
  • Nontoxic Rotproof Termite-resistant
    • Gazebo (600)
  • Nontoxic White
    • Modern Sheep Farm (250)
    • Long-Range Ferry (50)
  • Rigid Fireproof
    • Acoustics Laboratory (700)
  • Rigid Rotproof
    • Long-Range Ferry (50)
    • Megalopolis (varies)
  • Rigid Termite-resistant
    • Twist of Study (27 for size 1)
  • Rotproof
    • Small House (1400)
    • Tale of Journey (95 for size 1)
  • Soft Pliable
    • Acoustics Laboratory (600)
    • Churn of Earth (5 for size 1)
  • Soft Pliable Rotproof
    • Megalopolis (varies)
  • Termite-resistant
    • Small House (1400)

Required By

Acoustics Laboratory, Airship Construction, Ant Colony, Aqueduct Pump, Chemical Bath, Flying Airship, Hardwood Obelisk, Long-Range Ferry, Medium House, Modern Sheep Farm, Myrmecology, Pulse of the People, Pulse of the People/Bastet, Raeli Gliderport, Raeli Mosaic, Silkworm Farm, Small House, Tale of Journey, Test of Flight, Test of Flight/Bastet, Thistle Garden, Thistle Gardening, Twist of Study

Produced By

Wood Treatment Tank