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Bulk 1
Weight 1


A rough cloth woven from twine, one of the end products of flax. Used in numerous buildings across Egypt.


Obtained by:

  • Weaving twine into Canvas on a loom.
  • Put 60 twine into a loom, and select "weave some twine into canvas."
    • Sets an endurance timer. 60 TeppySeconds for females, 80 TeppySeconds for males.

100 flax makes 100 tow, which makes 300 twine, which makes 5 canvas. To make 1 canvas, you need 60 twine, which is made from 20 tow, or 20 flax. This does not include the strings breaking on a Student's Loom (5-60 per attempt)


  • 2 needed to learn Project Management 1 (SHarm)
  • 4 needed to learn Project Management 2 (SLead)
  • 300 needed to learn Structure Maintenance (SBody)
  • 100 needed to research Neutralization (UThought)
  • 140 needed to research Guild Construction (ULead)
  • 300 needed to research Ferry Construction 2 (UArt)
  • 1000 needed to research Crystal Acoustics (UArt)
  • 3000 needed to research Flax Automation (UArt)

Required By

Acid Bath, Airship Construction, Aqueduct Construction Site, Basic Tub, Chemical Bath, Flax Hammock, Flying Airship, Greenhouse, Marble Tub, Medium Construction Site, Principles of Thought, Ritual Torch, Small Construction Site, Star Rack, Structure Maintenance, Sturdy Tub, Suspend of Green, Tale of Journey, Tent, Test of the Venery, Test of the Venery/Bastet

Produced By

Automatic Loom, Hand Loom, Student's Loom