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Treated Metal Sheeting

From A Tale in the Desert
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Bulk 1
Weight 1

Treated Metal Sheeting is created from Treated Metal on a Student's Forge or Master's Forge that has been upgraded with a pair of Pinch Rollers. Regardless of the type of metal, it takes 2 Treated Metal to make 1 Treated Metal Sheeting in 2 minutes. The sheeting retains the properties of the Treated Metal from which it was made.

Note: To make Treated Metal Sheeting, the metal must be treated before making the sheeting. Plain metal sheetings cannot be treated after they've been forged.


  • 1 needed to open Test of Seven Phoenix (Pewter Sheeting: Hard Corrosion Resistant)
  • 6 needed to build an Automatic Loom (Moon Steel Sheeting: Plastic Nontoxic Ductile)
  • 6 needed to upgrade an Aqueduct Tower with a water filter (Titanium Sheeting: Stainless)
  • 10 needed to build a Reinforced Kiln (Sun Steel Sheeting: Insulative Stainless)
  • 100 needed to upgrade the Hopper of a Reactory to 7x capacity (Sun Steel Sheeting: Hard Stainless Insulative)
  • 150 needed to upgrade the Hopper of a Reactory to 4x capacity (Titanium Metal Sheeting: Hard Stainless)

Required By

Aqueduct Tower, Automatic Loom, Guilds/Sinai Projects/Aqueduct, Lesser Sphinx, Reactory, Reinforced Kiln, Water filter

Produced By

Master's Forge, Student's Forge