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Test of Chains

From A Tale in the Desert
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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of Chains
  • Add three links to your Chain
  • Check your Chain Score
  • Accumulate 7 Chains Points
Demonstrated by Chisper in Shabbat Ab on 2010-05-22.

In the Test of Chains you will try to predict which Marriages will endure and progress. For a marriage to progress in a given week, both parties must remain in Egypt, and each must either gain a level or pass a Test.

If some marriage in your chain fails to make progress for 3 Chains advances, then your chain breaks. You may rebuild your chain, but may not reuse a person that you previously used.

Each week you may add up to 3 marriages to your chain.

You accumulate points each week equal to the number of active marriages on your chain that have made progress since you added them.