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Test of the Orchestra

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Main Shard Bastet T5 Beta
Test of the Orchestra
  • Build a Music Stand
  • Have three musicians tune their instruments
  • Verify that all instruments are in tune (Examine the Orchestra)
  • Add some notes for each instrument
  • Play your composition
  • View the local Concert Schedule at a University of Art and Music
  • Schedule a Concert
  • Tell musicians to retune (at the scheduled time and place)
  • Musicians retune for your concert
  • Three or more judges register at your concert
  • Perform your Concert at the scheduled time and place
  • Register as a judge at another concert
  • Evaluate the performance
  • Build any instrument
  • Tune your instrument for another Composer
  • Retune your instrument for another Composer's performance
Demonstrated by Zeb in Shabbat Ab on 2010-04-13.


Use a music stand to compose a musical piece with up to 15 different instruments, each performed by another avatar. Conduct your composition at a scheduled concert in front of judges.


You must build at least one instrument for principles; however, you do not need to build all of them if your performers have their own.

All instruments are built in a Small Construction Site. Once built, the instruments can be picked up, kept in inventory, stored in a chest or warehouse, or dropped on the ground. At the moment, instruments aren't owned so dropping them on the ground allows any other player to come along and take them.

Instrument Materials
Bes's Lute 8 Soft Pliable Boards, 12 Mandibular Glue, 4 Steel Wire
Drawn Horn 12 Brass, 1 Sun Steel
Drum Kit 3 Brass, 7 Leather, 5 Soft Pliable Boards, 6 Papyrus Paper
Falcon's Whisper 7 Brass, 1 Steel
Greater Ram's Horn 16 Brass, 3 Water Metal
Great Horn 8 Brass, 1 Papyrus Paper
Lesser Rams Horn 8 Brass, 1 Water Metal
Osiris' Harp 52 White Rigid Boards, 36 Black Rigid Boards, 88 Copper Wire, 20 Blonde Glossy Boards
Osiris's Strings 4 Hard Pliable Boards, 10 Mandibular Glue, 4 Steel Wire
River Horn 52 Rigid Nontoxic Boards, 1 Papyrus Paper, 1 Water Metal
Sound of the Snake 8 Brass, 1 Papyrus Paper, 2 Moon Steel
Strings of the Deep 45 Soft Pliable Boards, 52 Mandibular Glue, 1 Moon Steel, 4 Copper Wire
Strings of the Nile 4 Soft Pliable Boards, 12 Mandibular Glue, 4 Copper Wire
Thoths Siren 22 Soft Pliable Boards, 17 Mandibular Glue, 3 Thoth's Metal
Thunder Organ 52 White Rigid Boards, 36 Black Rigid Boards, 120 Mandibular Glue, 88 Copper, 20 Blonde Glossy Boards, 7 Brass

Music Stand

Built Outside (Self > Projects > Orchestra). A music stand is owned and may be left on the ground safely (similar to pigment mortars).

Each stand allows you to create a single composition. (You may create more than one stand if you want to work on multiple compositions, but an individual performer may only "tune" to one of your stands at a time.)

To begin, drop the music stand.

Clicking on the stand will give the owner the following options:

  • Clear the composition - Resets the composition to blanck
  • Compose - Display the composition interface (see below).
  • Examine the Orchestra - See which performers are tuned to your stand, using which instrument. The amount of tuned time left is also displayed.
  • Name the composition - Lets you give a name to your piece.
  • Pick up the music stand - Put it back into inventory.
  • Set the Tempo - Choose the number of beats per minute, from 50 to 600. This speed will be used for the entire composition - there is no way to modify it for a portion of the song. (See the Compose section below, however, for ways to simulate tempo changes.) * (this is actually 4x slower than bpm, if you wish 120 bpm you will need to enter 480).
  • Warm up - Allow musicians to tune and judges to register
  • Detune - Remove a tuned instrument from the orchestra.

In addition, performers may click on the stand to "tune" their instrument to it. They may only tune one instrument to one music stand per owner.

Composing a Song




Concerts are scheduled at any University of Art and Music (Tests > Orchestra > Schedule a Concert). Concerts must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and cannot be canceled if they are "too soon" (time frame for this not yet known).

You may also view the upcoming concerts (Tests > Orchestra > View Concert Schedule). Recently added concerts appear under a "tentative schedule" heading; it's not clear when or how this changes.


The following is based on the principles descriptions; needs to be confirmed.

At the scheduled time (and location?), assemble your performers. Have them each "retune" to your music stand. Judges should also click on the music stand to register as such. Once everything is ready, Play? your composition.

Presumably judges will have some way to provide their evaluation - perhaps by clicking on the music stand again after the concert.