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Guilds/Worship World

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Welcome to Worship World! Where we aim to fulfill all of your worship needs!

We are currently accepting applications at our Guild Hall, which is located in Meroe, directly East of CS at 1055, -3683 (see map below). So come on down and join up! If you have any questions or concerns regarding guild or Worship functions, please contact one of the guild Elders, who are: Korrin, Pyx, Duncan, and Gens.

Quick Links

Current Worship Functions

We are currently working on Worship Initiations. If you need help with mats or locations, please holler. We work mainly out of Meroe, but we have members that have successfully completed in other regions, that would love to help you. See quick link above for ceremony and mats needed.

VIGIL - Every First Friday of each month

Next vigil scheduled to start on the first friday of October! If you would like to participate, come to the GH in Meroe with your pockets loaded! Only those at the fire will be asked to sac. If items can not be gotten from around the fire, then we will give guild members a chance on the WW chat. All WW members will have first dibs on items to be sacced.

Please feel free to build chests in the guild building, or warehouses in the area. Bring your wines and beers to share, or hookahs and herbs... or BOTH! Acro will be encouraged while we wait.

Calling all Gem Cutters - the last vigil fire died due to cut gems! Please try to stock up on a couple of each of the following: Dalessi, Cat eye, Choronzon, Aidens Mask, Unity - just to name a few - it doesn't matter what type of gem

Local Map

Worship World Mines

Copper / Quartz -651, -3669 /set to member

Zinc/Quartz 914, -3825 /set to member

Lead/Quartz 963, -3778 /set to member

Silver/Ruby 1051, -4534 /set to Elder

Gold Mining

First pull yellow, then where the yellow is at, click its counterpart as cited below, then yellow again and so on. you get 7 ore at full

If Yellow is located here Then Select this one
Top right Back Bottom
Bottom right Bottom Left
Top Left Middle
Bottom Left Bottom Right
Back Top Top Left
Back Bottom Back Top
Middle Top Right