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Male sheep.png
Bulk 1
Weight 300

Sheep are found in the wild. They can either be picked up or you can attempt to slaughter them (has a high chance of failing and the sheep escaping).

Sheep weigh in at 300 db each.


You can slaughter a sheep to receive:

Sheep will produce dung when they are in a pen.


To successfully breed sheep you must:

  • Have a Sheep Pen or sheep farm
  • Have onions in your pen
  • Have at least 1 male sheep and 1 female sheep in the pen
  • Do not have the males and females separated

Sheep will not breed if there are more than 10 in one Sheep Pen

It appears to be normal for a breeding pair of sheep to produce no offspring and little or no dung for about 1.5 days realtime when first assembled. Stop staring at your sheep and go work on something else. JulianJaynes 16:24, 12 April 2009 (EST)


Domestic sheep eat Onions at a rate of 3 per 3 teppy hours for males, 1 per 3 teppy hours for females.

If a structure runs out of food, the sheep stop breeding and stop producing dung, and will eventually sicken and die. Death occurs after 3 teppy days without food.

Modern Sheep Farms allow the feeding of Thistles along with Onions. This greatly reduces does not affect the amount of Onions eaten.

  • I tested the onion consumption rate over 24 hours when sheep have thistle available to eat and found it to be unchanged from the base rate. ~Skalops


Sheep produce dung at a rate of 1 per 3 sheep per 3 teppy hours, e.g. 9 sheep produce 3 dung every 3 hours.


  • Sheeps are less likely to reproduce in pens where a slaughter has taken place
    • Recently had more reproducing in the slaughter pen than the non-slaughter pen
    • Probably not true. Sheep do not stud. If you kill a sheep, then you won't get any new sheep until the game reshuffles the pairs. It's not at all clear when this happens.
  • Traffic plays a role in reproduction rates (You wouldn't want to be watched either)
    • Probably not true. Mine breed frequently at 59% crowding in an actively used camp.
  • The optimal ratio for breeding is 3:3 males:females
  • To maximize dung production, fill a pen with just female sheep. A pen with only female sheep produces 2.67 dung per day per sheep, and consumes 8 onions per day per sheep (i.e. 3 onions per dung). Keep a separate breeding pen and manually move new females to your dung pen instead of slaughtering them, until you are producing dung as fast as you need.
  • Sheep like Barry Baarry Manilow White

Required By

Dung, Leather, Mutton, Oil

Produced By

Sheep Pen