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Test of Festivals/Bastet

From A Tale in the Desert
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To demonstrate, you need:

  • Ambrosia Brewing
  • Avian Selection
  • Purfuming
  • Chromatic Touch
  • Ritual Item Construction
To open the Test of Festivals you require:
1 Honey (Missing)
1 Silk Cloth (Missing)
1 Oil (Missing)
1 Flax (Missing)
1 Barley (Raw) (Missing)
1 Camel Milk (Missing)
1 Medium Quartz (Missing)
1 Medium Topaz (Missing)
1 Linen (Missing)
1 Canvas (Missing)
1 Male Rabbits (Ok)
1 Female Rabbits (Ok)
1 Papyrus Paper (Missing)
1 Candle (Missing)
1 Dates (Missing)
1 Cobra Blood (Missing)
1 Petals of a 3x Giant Rose of Ra (Missing)
1 Ink (Missing)
1 12%+, Two vintage old wine (Missing)