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Brain Mushroom

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Brain Mushroom


A type of Mushroom.


  • Spawn Time: 2:30-4:53am
  • Location and info: I found these along a rocky mountain, leading to a high elevation lake. There were about 40 scattered throughout this terrain. ~~
  • Falcon Bay 3933, -598; Discovered: Year 1 Akhet II-10 3:09am

Copied from Tale 3 wiki, Brain Known Spawn Time: 2:18 - (saw at 4:00)? Found on Dirt/Rock. Known Spawn Time: 2:20 - 4:53 Location/Info: Rocky or dirt hills/mountains. Similar to Cat Nip. Tale 1 Known Spawn Time: 2:18am - 4:53am Tale 1 Location/Info: seen on mountain terrain, steep slopes Was needed for Botanical Identification 3 skill tuition

Locations Found

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Toxin Extraction