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Dueling Serpents Mushroom

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Dueling Serpents Mushroom

A type of Mushroom.

Copied from Tale 3 wiki, Dueling Serpents Found two on SAND at 3:09 at the top of a cliff Known Spawn Time: 2:26-3:54am Location/Info: Spawns in pairs, in the desert (found in grass --Vilbert). Very similar to Sand Spore. Tale 1 Location/Info: low-altitude hilly sand, grows in pairs, may migrate southward each night. (Khatzesput told me she has seen them move north and west 200 coords a night, keeping this in mind does seem to help -Toba) (I have found they always move South wardly. Not due South but close to it. -Neophant) Was needed for Botanical Identification 3 skill tuition.

They seem to appear in sets of two as their name suggests.

Dueling Serpents Mushroom



Required By

Toxin Extraction