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Fish Hook

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Fish Hook Mushroom

A type of Mushroom.

Copied from Tale 3 wiki, Fish Hook Known Spawn Time: 3:16am-4:42am Location/Info: Spawns in pairs, on grass, dirt or clay. Found right off the Nile, west bank, in LE. Known Spawn Time: 3:12-4:42 Location/Info: Spawns in pairs, on grass, near water. Very similar to Hairy Tooth. Just east of the Nile in LN or UN would be a good place to check. Would like to add that while found in pairs, Fish Hook can spawn in large numbers. Encountered a huge spawn of over 70 FH spread over a 200 coordinate area. Tale 1 Location/Info: new; was found on grass near water in a wide valley. Similar to Pool of Tranquility. May move 100 coords north each night, depending on terrain.

Fish Hook Mushroom


Grows on grass plains and gentle hills. Found 78 of them spread far out in groups of 2s until they vanished at 4:42am.


Confirm 4:42 despawn time --Luvika


Required By

Botanical Identification